Conventional Wisdom: Merfest
Among the many wondrous gatherings we've explored in our Conventional Wisdom series—a trek through unique conventions across the US with photographer Arthur Drooker, as he prepares for a photography book on the subject—nothing is quite like Merfest...
Conventional Wisdom: Anthrocon
“This is the highlight of my year,” Thumpie Bunny Eve shared with photographer Arthur Drooker, while sat atop a piano, wearing high heels, exuding sexuality—and wearing a rabbit costume. This was just one scene at Anthrocon, the world's largest convention...
Conventional Wisdom: Military History Fest
Through his ever-present lens, photographer Arthur Drooker has taken CH on tours through the delightful, odd and evocative worlds of conventions and convention attendees. Drooker indoctrinated us into Brony culture, introduced us to over 150 Abraham...
Conventional Wisdom: Fetish Con
Where photographer Arthur Drooker has gone, we've followed. We were in awe of the openly eccentric and colorful BronyCon, but his latest venture into the world of convention attendees delivers an entirely different wow factor. This next stop—en route...
Conventional Wisdom: 37th Vent Haven Ventriloquist Convention
Photographer Arthur Drooker has already taken us on eccentric adventures within the World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships and the annual assembling of the Association of Lincoln Presenters. Drooker's been swinging by a hand-picked selection...
Becoming Hemingway by Henry Hargreaves
Back in 1957, photographer Yousef Karsh asked an aging Earnest Hemingway to sit for a portrait. In what would become an iconic image, the author stares to the right of the camera, white-bearded and gruff. More than any other image, the portrait...
Conventional Wisdom: World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships
We recently took you to the Association of Lincoln Presenters annual assembly, by way of photographer Arthur Drooker's camera lens. Drooker has been dropping by some of the convention industry's most eccentric gatherings in an effort to capture never...
Conventional Wisdom by Arthur Drooker
We've been following photographer Arthur Drooker's work since his 2010 American Ruins gallery show and book. The Mill Valley, California-based artist's infrared imagery mystifies with its modern approach to capturing mythic, decayed structures. We...
The upshot to digital failure, GLI.TC/H is a conference on noise and new media that sees artists from around the world gathering for a weekend packed with lectures, workshops, discussions, screenings and more. The second iteration, happening this...