Cone Mills

3x1 + Cone Mills "Special Edition" Capsule Collection
North Carolina's Cone Mills (founded in 1891) was the largest denim-maker in the world over a century ago. And while the business of weaving denim has changed extensively over the years, Cone has managed to evolve with the times, but also maintain...
Chrome Industries' New Denim Apparel
Though largely known for their heavy duty, guaranteed-for-life messenger bags, Chrome Industries has been gently dipping a toe into urbanwear for the past two years. Wanting to break out of the cycling mold the right way, the SF-based brand launches...
Nudie Jeans Lean Dean US Selvedge Denim
by Steve Dool As Nudie Jeans unveils their limited edition run of 14.75 oz. selvedge denim jeans today, it represents more than just a new product launch. The jeans, created in partnership with North Carolina’s revered Cone Mills, are the first...
St. Crispins Day Boot
Handmade in Connecticut with rich 7oz leather from Chicago's celebrated Horween tannery, the St. Crispins Day Boot is a sturdy six inch boot built for roughing it in the woods or a long day in the city. The vegetable-tanned, cognac-hued leather upper...
Raleigh Workshop's Certified Organic Cotton Project
By now one would think all great ideas have already been considered and executed in the world of denim. With this in mind, sometimes the best way to take a step forward in a saturated market is to revisit the most basic question of all. For Raleigh...
Parke Active Denim
After funding their first selvedge denim jeans with a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2013, NYC-based Parke is at it again with a more innovative idea in mind: A pair of raw denim jeans woven with one percent elastane for enough stretch...
Roy Denim in the Making
Generally considered the arbiter of denim, Self Edge recently took a trip to Greensboro, North Carolina to visit the world's oldest denim mill and document the making of Roy's new denim. Designed from warp to weft by Roy Slaper himself, the custom...