Word of Mouth: Art Museums of Cartagena
by Leora Novick As enticing as the rainbow-colored, sun-soaked streets of the old city of Cartagena, Colombia may be, the city’s museums hold an abundance of art, both modern and historic, to fill your days with design inspiration. From hand-stenciled...
Milan Design Week 2015: Marni Mercado de Paloquemao
This year at Milan Design Week, Italian fashion label Marni (founded and led by designer founded by Consuelo Castiglioni) has turned its space into a visually stunning market. Inspired by Bogotá's famous Mercado de Paloquemao—a market full of bright...
Nightcap Decaf
The friendly team behind Seattle's Slate Coffee are dedicated to "the elevation of coffee culture." Their methodical and minimalist approach allows the carefully selected beans to really shine. A bag of their decaf beans let's you enjoy all of the...
ArtBo + 43SNA: Material Focus
While our first look at the works found among Colombia's ArtBo and 43SNA art fairs explored the underlying focus on a collective humanity among South American artists and galleries, our next look studies some of the interesting uses of material. From...
ArtBo + 43SNA: Humanity
When planning a visit to Colombia to take in the vast amount of contemporary art works at Bogotá's ArtBo and Medellín's 43rd Salón (inter)Nacional de Artistas, instincts would predict a large presence of works around violence, drugs or political turmoil...
Let's Talk Coffee
During the Let's Talk Coffee (LTC) conference, coffee farmers, importers, exporters, financiers, cafe owners, baristas, and the Sustainable Harvest staff gathered in the Rionegro region of Antioquia, Columbia to do just that. People from twenty-eight...
Word of Mouth: Medellín
When mathematics professor Sergio Fajardo made a commitment to effect change in Antioquia, Colombia, he ran for office, became the mayor of Medellín and, eventually, the governor of Antioquia. In the 13 years since he took office, signs of transformation...