Coffee Beans

Blue Bottle, Bushwick
With 35 locations across California, New York and Tokyo, and with nine more hitting the East Coast this year, some coffee fanatics might wonder if Oakland, CA-based Blue Bottle isn't becoming Starbucks for the hipster generation. As we learned on a...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. A Colossal Structure Discovered Near Petra, Jordan A previously undocumented structure, hiding in plain sight next to the ruins of Petra, Jordan, has just been uncovered by archaeologists. Using a combination of Google Earth, satellite imagery...
Pergamino Coffee
In 2012, the Pergamino coffee bar in the upscale El Poblado neighborhood of Medellín, Colombia was one of our favorite finds in this vibrant city. Now Pergamino is available in North America through their online store, making it possible to order...
Joshua Tree Coffee
A desert may seem an odd place to find high-end, small-batch coffee beans, but Joshua Tree native Royce Robertson is making just that. Fresh, Fair Trade beans are stored in custom-built, climate-controlled containers, then hand-roasted and immediately...
A Film About Coffee
by Chérmelle D. Edwards By profession he’s a commercial director, but by passion he's a filmmaker. Brandon Loper's "A Film About Coffee" is a visual love letter about the journey of specialty coffee—from the farmers who produce it to the people...
Ninety Plus Custom Slayer Espresso Machine
Unknown to those outside the niche community of coffee purists, Denver's Sensory Room is a rare enclave that hosts the highest caliber coffee tastings around. Run by Ninety Plus (a green coffee purveyor, grower and all around authority on the subject...
East Van Roasters
Just a short walk from Vancouver, BC's historic Gastown neighborhood lies East Van Roasters. Situated in the city's Downtown Eastside neighborhood, the airy facility fills the surrounding blocks with a nutty, toasted scent. The recently opened non...
No. Six Depot Coffee
When it comes to roasting coffee, smaller quantities often yield better results; with the roaster able to pay closer attention to the process and variances in beans. For Buenos Aires-born Flavio Lichtenthal, owner of No. Six Depot—a roaster and cafe...
Bonaverde Coffee Machine
In our continued quest to find the very best coffee, we came across the Kickstarter of Berlin-based start-up Bonaverde. Their revolutionary new machine not only grinds and brews with the push of a button, but also roasts raw coffee beans first. The...