Word of Mouth Philadelphia: Food + Drink
by Mark Likosky Philadelphia seems to get a bad rap from many people who visit the city for work and get stuck in Center City with no idea where to go for lunch. The reality is Philly—as one of the largest cities in the US—is brimming with great places...
Addition Cocktail Spices
With 25 different savory and spicy flavors, the range of Addition Cocktail Spices opens a new door in the world of mixed drinks. These potent liquids, clocking in at 45% ABV, contain just three ingredients: water, alcohol and the source spice. All...
Six Cocktails for Great Whiskey
The extensive, alluring worlds of whiskey, Scotch and bourbon can feel daunting to novice drinkers—especially when there's an expectation to drink it neat or with a bit of water. For an easier entry point into one of the most nuanced areas of the spirits...
Cocktail Courier Hits Chicago
When you're looking to order beer, wine and spirits directly to your home, both Drizly and Minibar Delivery App can get alcohol to you rather quickly. But if you're planning on making a mixed drink, Cocktail Courier comes complete with a recipe and...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Past Presidents' Go-To Drinks Our Founding Fathers really knew their way around booze, and thanks to Brian Abram’s new book “Party Like a President,” you can now make the same concoctions George Washington and Ulysses S Grant were sipping. Vanity...
Eight Sexy Valentine's Day Cocktails
While making no promises about love potions or secret tonics, what we can guarantee is the quality of taste in the following eight drinks. Made with care and concern, they exemplify many ideals surrounding the holiday of love: spice, smoke and flavor...
Wright & Company's The House Manhattan
While a well-made Manhattan cocktail needs no modification, we've had our fair share of inspired spin-offs that provide a modern edge and an altogether pleasant diversion. On a recent trip to Detroit, we swung by Dave Kwiatkowski's Wright & Company...
Atsby Vermouth Armadillo Cake Reserve
A crucial component in Manhattans, Martinis and Negronis, vermouth is often perceived exclusively as a mixer. Just 150 years ago though, it was a popular drink all its own and the fundamental component in a Vermouth Cocktail (enhanced only by one...
Six Celebratory Holiday Cocktails
As the seasons shift, so do cocktail menus at bars, restaurants and even within homes—and that's largely due to the palates of consumers seeking out a drink to match the spirit of the times. With holiday parties in abundance, the following options...
Word of Mouth: Edinburgh
A mythical city tucked beneath the gaze of a magnificent castle, Edinburgh draws hordes of annual visitors—be that for its position beside the whisky world, proximity to historic golf courses, or the acclaimed annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tucked...
Gillette Clear Gel's No Sweat Test Thanksgiving
When considering what we think of as a powerful deodorant, one's mind often envisions sports or other high-endurance scenarios where physicality triggers perspiration. But, with stress and heat as stimulants for sweat, there's no better place to...
Creative Time's Fall Ball Cocktails
For their annual Fall Ball, NYC-based arts production organization Creative Time hosted a slumber party. And—since it was created by the people who brought Kara Walker's epic Domino Sugar Factory exhibition to Brooklyn—this was no ordinary sleepover...
History in a Bottle: The Hub Punch
When it comes to seeking novel libations, sometimes the best place to look is the past. Those who came before us truly knew how to party, and what they lacked in (current day) hygiene standards, they more than made up for with inventive—and piquant...
Jean Striped Clutch
Made of 100% hand-poured acrylic with a creamy, pearlescent finish on white between jet black stripes, Edie Parker's Jean Striped Clutch puts a little treasure right at your fingertips. The inside houses a mirror with an etched logo, so you can check...
Inspired Bites Cookbook
The word "catering" often conjures images of bowties, pigs in blankets or gaudy silver chafing dishes. Seeking to break out of that mold, chef Bob Spiegel and designer TJ Girard joined forces to create Pinch Food Design, an innovative approach to...
Cool Hunting Video: The Sidecar Bar Cart
For his latest collaboration with Moore and Giles, expert bartender Jim Meehan—of PDT fame—decided to take a stab at creating the ultimate bar cart. Going above and beyond, Meehan focused on creating a super-durable and highly functional cart that...
Stewart & Claire Cocktail-Inspired Lip Balms
After working for eight years as a food editor at Food & Wine magazine, Kristin Donnelly manifested her longstanding love of blending ingredients by making unisex lip balms from natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings or fragrances—or pastel...
East London's White Lyan Cocktail Bar
London's appreciation of a good cocktail can easily be traced back to 1891, but right now the craft resurgence is at a new high point: solid offerings continue to pop up across the metropolitan with an array of well-made classic and neo-classic drinks...
Salvatore Calabrese at The Cromwell, Las Vegas
There are few people in the spirits world with a name as recognizable as Salvatore Calabrese. Yes, he held the world record for most expensive cocktail (pricey because of the rare, vintage cognac he used dating back to 1778). But more importantly...
Cocktail Set Pestle
A good muddler is a solid investment, but it will greatly improve your fresh fruit margaritas, old fashioned cocktails and those summery mojitos. Helle Damkjær's stainless steel pestle for Georg Jensen is visually striking yet dishwasher safe.
Interview: Colin Peter Field of the Hemingway Bar Paris
Enjoying a well-made cocktail is a sensory experience akin to consuming any other form of art. And yet, because of the ephemeral nature of food and drink, cocktails are often neglected when considering great artistic masterpieces. As such, so are...
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