Cocktail Recipes

Six Next-Level Hot Toddy Recipes
While we can't (scientifically) attest to the famed Hot Toddy being a cold remedy, we can stand behind its warm deliciousness. Traditionally composed of whisky, hot water, honey and lemon (or spices), this simple hot cocktail has been around for a...
Six Bright Red Fourth of July Cocktails
With the spirit of celebration—and a long weekend—upon us, there's never been a better time to explore a color's impact on a cocktail. From ruby red to rust or carmine, there's really nothing that unites the following six selections other than the...
Grey Goose Punch Series: Miami
Advertorial content: Bringing together interesting tastemakers in cities across the US for its Grey Goose Punch Series, the vodka brand has created four films offering tips on mixing up both perfect cocktails and an unforgettable party ambience...
Link About It: Société Perrier
Advertorial Content: To celebrate 14 months of Société Perrier's stellar web content, we pulled together a highlight reel of stories since the 2011 launch. The discerning hub has served to expose readers to the latest on the most fascinating cultural...
Hella Bitter
With a mission to "make the world a bitter place," Hella Bitter is a brand of bitters focused on creating fine, hand-crafted cocktail accompaniments. The name and the attitude of irreverence are evidence of the brand's Bay Area roots—the company...