Climate Change

Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. New York Design Week's Exponential Growth Now stretching across almost the entire month of May, New York Design "Week" has positioned NYC in the global design circuit with force. As Artsy notes, "By the 24th of this month, more than 500 design...
North Beanie
Made in Cloquet, Minnesota, Askov Finlayson's North beanies have a retro gather-round-the-campfire feel, but there's a very forward-thinking message here as well. With every hat sold from the North collection, a donation is made to the Climate Generation...
NRG's Sneaker Composed of Repurposed CO2
"We recycle plastic, paper and metal; why can't we recycle CO2?" Paul Bunje, Principal and Senior Scientist or Energy and Environment at XPRIZE, asked. With that, a $20 million competition, the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, was set into motion a year ago...
Do The Green Thing
Previously a digital mecca for the sustainably minded creative community, website Do The Green Thing was a thoughtful feed brimming with “playful propaganda" created by the likes of David Shrigley, Paula Scher, Neville Brody, Michael Bierut and Sir...
TED 2016: Al Gore's Optimism on Climate Change
At this year's TED Talks in Vancouver, former Vice President Al Gore took to the stage, once again addressing climate change concerns. For the first half of the talk, Gore delivers impassioned, powerful and fact-driven points on the harm of global...
Climate Changed
Visual learners, rejoice. French artist and journalist Philippe Squarzoni—known for his celebrated non-fiction, graphic novel-style works on politics and human rights—lends his eye and storytelling panache to an extensive work on one of the world...
Dependent on regional agriculture for sustenance and economic security, rural communities are often the hardest hit by droughts. Following a twelve-year dry spell in southeastern Australia's Murray Darling basin, Edward Linnacre saw the need for...
Our Choice
Based on a fantastic user interface designed by Our Choice" has been reinvigorated for the iPad as an app that launches today. We previewed the new version, produced by Rodale and Melcher Media, which lays out Gore's take on the looming global climate...