Klipsch Audio Outfits the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
For years now, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has honored the greatest in the industry while inviting fans into their iconic building filled with rare remnants of musical history. This year, that facility is getting an upgrade thanks to partner Klipsch...
Reclaimed Cleveland
By Laila Gohar The city of Cleveland, once an industrial heartland, lost two-thirds of its population in the latter part of the 21st century. Emigration due to loss of manufacturing jobs resulted in 15,000 vacant houses, which are being demolished...
Nextant 400XT
Private jets epitomize luxury for being convenient and, most importantly, supremely expensive. But Nextant Aerospace in Cleveland, Ohio has cut the cost of a small jet in half with the Nextant 400XT. Instead of starting from scratch, the company...
Ohio's North Coast recently hosted the fourth annual contemporary furniture show F*Sho on Friday 7 September 2012. Held in a former drill warehouse on the city's east side, the one-day event featured work by 30 local furniture designers, including...