Mary Lattimore's Ambient Playlist
"Ambient" is too often a lazy title thrown at any track without a steady beat, and the word cannot do justice to the veins of artists at hand experimenting with voice, instrument, or even electronics. Mary Lattimore—who commands a harp—has put...
Premiere: "For Everything That You Lost" by Jambinai
South Korean trio Jambinai—equipped with the country's expressive traditional instruments—pluck, bow and breathe fury and drama into their experimental post-rock music. While the members showed off their technical prowess in the performance video...
Cool Hunting Video: Barry X Ball
In an unassuming residential building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, lies the studio space of sculptor Barry X Ball. His stunning re-imagined and modified versions of Renaissance era masterpieces begin with meticulous 3D-scanning. Ball and his team...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Truth Facts First World problems become permissibly hilarious when shown in satirical charts and graphs. "Truth Facts" are the brainchild of Danish duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, the writers and artists behind the comic strip "Wumo...
Cool Hunting Video: Christopher O'Riley
In a private residence on NYC's Upper West Side, we recently had the pleasure of attending a thrilling performance organized by Culture Shock featuring pianist Christopher O'Riley. Renowned for his flawless renderings of classical masterpieces...
Cool Hunting Video: Fire Island Opera
After ferrying over to the beach community of Fire Island last summer, we attended the inaugural Fire Island Opera Festival. With the image of the grandeur of traditional opera burned into our minds, we were pleasantly surprised by how intimate...