Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. A New Origin Story for Dogs When, where and how wolves were domesticated and eventually became dogs has always been disagreed upon by scientists. Now, new research suggests our best pals have a different origin story than once thought. Archaeologist...
Porterlight's Customizable Cargo Bike
Young London-based company Porterlight has re-thought the cargo bike from scratch, and their debut model, the Bringley, is one that will have urban residents swapping out their car keys for bike helmets. Founder Lawrence Brand wanted to design...
Big Cities Tableware
At first glance they look like simple porcelain pieces, but the TAC BIG Cities tableware comes lined with delicately etched renderings of the familiar skylines of London, Moscow, Istanbul and more. The blue on white color scheme pays very subtle homage...
Richard Galpin: Elephant (Ten Thousand Revolutions per Minute)
British artist Richard Galpin is best known for his scalpel-cut photographs of cities, but for his fifth solo exhibition—"Elephant (Ten Thousand Revolutions per Minute)"— on now at London’s Hales Gallery, the artist left his old methods behind...
Aether LA Motorcycle Ride
The inaugural AETHERmoto ride in Los Angeles—hosted by Aether Apparel—was an experiment in urban exploration. Both Aether founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West, are avid riders and have gone on numerous excursions with RawHyde Adventures into the...
Donky Bike
With front and back cargo-hauling capacity, the Donky Bike—created by British designer Ben Wilson—is an ingenious city bike designed to agilely weave through city streets at low speeds. The steel beam distributes the cargo's weight so it is held by...
Word of Mouth Paris: Bars and Restaurants
by David Graver and Katie Olsen Everybody has a recommendation to offer regarding a trip to Paris; those who have visited "La Ville-Lumière" claim a favorite spot and are ever-eager to share it. Generally, however, they're all quite personal or, on...
Vantigo San Francisco
Erik and Amy Hormann felt that as a young, entrepreneurial couple, they needed some justification for buying a bright red 1971 Volkswagen Van—as if owning a bright red 1971 Volkswagen Van wasn't justification alone. With so many on-the-go services...
CH Edition: Budnitz Bicycles Model No. 1 Scorcher
The contest concluded Wednesday 19 June at 4PM EST. Thank you to everyone who entered. In recent months we've teamed up with Tumi to design our ideal travel backpack and 3x1 for a denim apron worthy of the finest cook-outs. And now, to inspire...
Budnitz Bicycles No.5
Since its inception in summer 2011, Budnitz Bicycles has garnered a notable following amongst design and cycle enthusiasts alike for their precision-built titanium bikes. Following in the tracks of their first four frame designs, today we see the...
New York City Cushion
The hefty price tag on this gorgeous hand-embroidered cushion by Charlene Mullen isn't nearly as expensive as a tiny studio apartment in NYC, and this view is much better. Place in a window seat and enjoy the skyline.
Link About It: This Week's Picks
This Week's LAB is Sponsored by Dos Equis 1. Custom IPhone Collodion Using an antiquated method that's as technical as it is creative, photographer Jake Potts ingeniously turned the glass back of his iPhone into a ambrotype photo. The wet plate...
Summer City Bicycles
Midsummer may very well be the season of the bicycle. With a steady schedule of backyard BBQs, concerts in the park, afternoons at the beach and general meandering about, it's crucial to have the proper warm-weather transportation. To accommodate...
Announced today and spotted outside Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG marks several new achievements for the performance brand. Following up on the recently launched A-Class, the elegant new compact features all wheel drive, an efficient 2...
What is a world-class city? This is the question that leads the second issue of the new urban-focused magazine Cityscapes, published by the University of Cape Town's African Centre for Cities. The center's director and consulting editor of the...
Cycle Style vs. Cycle Chic
The North Atlantic Ocean may take hours to cross by plane but when it comes to the infiltration of bicycle culture—and specifically, the urban cycling aesthetic—the distance ceases to exist. Case in point: as we were busy attending the...
Urban Farming Resources
Nearly 12,000 years ago the Neolithic Revolution altered the course of our survival from hunting and gathering to established agriculture. As the world's population concentrates into cities and realization dawns that our resources are limited, we're...
Urban Farming
More than half the world's population now lives in cities, but when it comes to feeding them, trucking in the necessary amount of food isn't a sustainable process for any metropolis. Growing out of the need for better solutions, urban farming is becoming...
CH Local: Cape Town
Cradled by a striking 360-degree panorama of a horseshoe-shaped mountain range and the sparkling sea, Cape Town is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth. South Africa's Mother City has historically been a harbor destination, beginning with European...
Il Sole sui Tetti
Il Sole sui Tetti (The Sun on the Roofs), a project of contemporary culture and communication, is a citywide installation created by Felice Limosani for Gruppo 24 ORE. This evocative and spectacular event takes place in the heart of the city of Florence...
Daytum, One Year Later
One year ago we posted about Daytum, Nicholas Felton's iPhone app and website for tracking and visualizing personal data. While I started off 2011 noting everything from eggs eaten to taxi rides, my range of usage narrowed quickly to capturing travel...
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