Christian Louboutin

Factory Visit: Christian Louboutin's Aurelien Production Facility
Tuscany's international renown stems from its nature and art—the beauty of the hills and the enduring magic of the Renaissance. The crafts of the region are also very well known—leather in particular. But most people are unaware of the level of sophistication...
Best of CH 2016: Interviews
As a journalist, one immediately knows when an interview is going well. There is an understanding, or even connection, between the subject and an interviewer. One's goal is never to land a quote that makes a point, but to have a substantial dialogue...
Interview: Christian Louboutin
Being in Christian Louboutin’s Paris studio is overwhelming. We meet Monsieur Christian Louboutin in his museum-like studio (like a tiny Louvre, which, coincidently, is just a few blocks away) for an exclusive preview of ShoePeaks, his latest (and...
Factory Visit: Christian Louboutin
Since setting up his eponymous label in 1991, French designer Christian Louboutin's shoes have become synonymous with power, prestige and class thanks to their sexy, edgy design and extreme creativity. Lesser known is the fact that Louboutin produces...