Soma Chocolatemaker
There's something about cold weather and comfort food that go hand-in-hand and any excuse to enjoy more chocolate is a welcome one, so it was a pleasure to indulge in some of the best from Toronto's SOMA Chocolatemaker. Opting for small-batch production...
Patric Chocolate
Alan Patric McClure has been in the chocolate business for a decade; after his chocolate tour through France in 2004, there was no turning back. He spent the next two years experimenting with chocolate-making before finally settling on a bar for...
Idilio Origins Chocolate
For a country with such a storied history in chocolate, Switzerland has little to show for new players in the cacao game—that is until Niklaus Blumer and Pascal Wirth decided to follow their passion for dark chocolate and the time-honored Swiss...
The Bar Collection by Zoë's Chocolate Co.
Third generation chocolatiers, the three founders of Zoe's Chocolate Co. also happen to be siblings, and such a tight knit familial collaboration lends itself to such stunning chocolates. Zoë and Pantelis manage various business aspects while also...
Cooking up quite an online stir in the last few weeks is Philadelphia's Cocoagraph, makers of artisanal chocolates topped with vintage-filtered Instagram and Polaroid shots. The small start-up allows customers to pick and choose any photograph...
Askinosie CollaBARation
When we first wrote about Askinosie Chocolate back in 2008, the young company was on the vanguard of bean-to-bar production. Since then, the direct-source chocolatier has grown into an industry icon and a prime model for responsible food production...