Hot Chilli Pepper Peanuts 6 Pack
A favorite snack of ours at CH HQ, these spicy Chinese jumbo peanuts from ShanDong are flavored by hot chilli pepper flakes and Szechuan peppercorns.
Probably one of the most interesting brands on the Chinese fashion scene, SANKUANZ boasts a distinctive and playful approach to fashion that has gained a cult-like following in China—and abroad. Last year’s AW collection was showcased at the opening...
Art Paris 2014: Chinese Talent
As France and China celebrate the 50th anniversary of their state relations, Art Paris 2014 (27-30 March at the Grand Palais) took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the ever-evolving Chinese art scene. Around 90 artists were on show by ten...
Studio Visit: Ai Weiwei
The upcoming exhibition (opening 3 April 2014 at Berlin's Martin-Gropius-Bau) by the multi-talented and outspoken Ai Weiwei promises to be his biggest solo show yet. Spanning over 3,000 square meters in 18 rooms, a huge variety of the Chinese artist...
Beginning with key Chinese characters—which the book refers to as building blocks—author ShaoLan Hsueh and artist Noma Bar have made a memorable guide, as helpful as it is pretty, to one of the most difficult and oldest languages in the world. "Chineasy...
Eight Budding Designers in China
by Stefano Caggiano China is often considered the "factory" of the world, but as the world's most populous country is growing at such a rapid rate—in all ways—those beliefs are surely bound to be recognized as old-fashioned soon. One realm in which...
Fan Zhang Jewelry
Jewelry in China has historically been perceived as an investment rather than art and, until a few years, ago there were few options to study jewelry design in Beijing. The available training programs used to be focused on the reproduction of old...
Highlights from Design in Common
Last week in Milan we were pleasantly surprised to find Beijing Design Week presenting Design in Common—a selection of pieces from the capital city's fair. With a focus on communal furniture and tea-drinking pieces in particular, the exhibition was...
G by Gloria Guo
Designer Gloria Guo has been fascinated by colorful patterns and handmade crafts since childhood. "As one of my first little hobbies, I used to customize my shoes and pants with small patches," she says. "When I came to study in Beijing and discovered...
Deform from Within
Born in Chongqing, China, musician Wu Na holds the distinction of being one of the world's premier guqin players, a seven-string instrument strummed by Confucius and revered as one of China's four classical arts. Her instrument of choice is one of...