Children's Books

Josh Cochran's New York
Readers have probably seen the work of illustrator Josh Cochran before without even knowing it—from album covers to TIME magazine, the New York Times to the wallpaper inside room 1017 at Manhattan's Ace Hotel. Cochran's most recent endeavor is his...
Xiong Liang
Xiong Liang is an illustrator from China's Zhejiang province (south of Shanghai) and is now one of the most established picture book artists of the capital. Yet he never really thought of drawing as a career; it was always more of a passion—albeit...
Professor Astro Cat
For the last 30 years, if you wanted to know about space, the universe and its many wonders, Professor Stephen Hawking has pretty much been the go-to guy. However that's about to change because there's a new space brainiac with all the answers: Professor...
"Colouring Book" by Deirdre Dyson
This finely crafted coloring book is the work of carpet designer Deirdre Dyson and we’re big fans of her playful, but sophisticated, approach to marketing. Because sketching and coloring carpet and textile design is intrinsic to the preliminary product...
Jemmy Button
As the incredible true story goes, in the mid-1800s the HMS Beagle, captained by Robert FitzRoy, landed in Tierra del Fuego on the coast of Patagonia. After one of his boats was stolen Fitzroy reportedly took a group of hostages including a boy he...
A Sky Full of Kindness
For his second book, "A Sky Full of Kindness," artist Rob Ryan has put his paper-cutting skills to use in a story about a pair of songbirds eagerly awaiting the hatching of their first chick. The intricate illustrations marry words with images to...
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Originally published to great admiration in 1900, L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" has since secured itself as one of the most recognizable children's classics of all time. While the beloved story has stood the test of time HarperCollins...
Since its release in 2011, "D.E.S.I.G.N.," by Polish author Ewa Solarz has enchanted kids and the design-minded parents who read it to them. "I keep on hearing that D.E.S.I.G.N. is someone's children's favorite book," says Solarz. "It might be that...
Sky High
In an age-old story of keeping up with the Joneses, author Germano Zullo has created a children's picture book that follows the fate of two rival neighbors as they compete to build the most extravagant house imaginable. The original edition of...