Precious Pussies Pillow
Fans of cats, luxurious and superfluous home decor, unavoidable alliteration and tongue-in-cheek humor will pounce on the chance to get their hands on the Precious Pussies pillow. Backed with black velvet, the cushion features a heart-shaped tableau...
Amigos Playing Cards
After initially planning to start a fundraiser to support the creation of an online card playing club, web- and iOS-focused creative group Fictive Kin decided to center their campaign on something more tangible—simply, playing cards. Thus, the Amigos...
Cat is Art Spelled Wrong
The ancient Egyptians proclaimed their adoration for cats in hieroglyphics, statues and mummification. Today, many preserve the feline species forever in videos, print publications and even with dedicated television channels. When Coffee House Press...
The First Issue of Puss Puss Magazine, Featuring Ai Weiwei
In a world where the permakitten Lil Bub has her own media empire and Grumpy Cat graces the cover of Time magazine, an annual internet cat video festival attracts tens of thousands of people and Karl Lagerfield's dear Choupette is the face of Shu...
MiCha Lamps
Paris-based Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas of Kunztel+Deygas are masters of capturing the essence of motion in 2D form. (You might have seen their designs in the title sequence of Steven Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can" or gracing limited edition...
14 Calendars for 2014
According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the wood horse promises opportunities and victories, adventures and even surprising romances—if you're willing to take chances like the free-spirited, spontaneous animal. Although the Standard Hotel's 2014...
Cat Wrapping Paper
For those feline fanatics who just can't get enough whiskers in their life, wrap up their gifts in United Bamboo's Cat Wrapping Paper. From the brand famous for their annual Cat Calendar featuring a handsome bunch of Catclub models in stylish ensembles...
Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space
Professor Astro Cat is the illustrated star of a beautiful book aimed at space-interested youngsters. Created by quantum physicist Dr Dominic Walliman and award-winning illustrator Ben Newman—and published by Nobrow's children's book imprint, London...
Professor Astro Cat
For the last 30 years, if you wanted to know about space, the universe and its many wonders, Professor Stephen Hawking has pretty much been the go-to guy. However that's about to change because there's a new space brainiac with all the answers: Professor...
Meow Brow by Casey Weldon
Spoke Art's freshly opened space at 804 Sutter Street in San Francisco is set to be christened this weekend by artist Casey Weldon. "Meow Brow" showcases new work that takes on the familiar cliché of the adorable kitten, a trope that Weldon has perverted...
Geometric Cat Isabella Pajama Shirt
The brainchild of two fashion mag mavens, Piamita pajamas are the epitome of effortless style. Whether you're lounging in first class or enjoying breakfast at home, their playful silk ensembles will keep you feeling fresh even as you take a moment...
CH Gift Guide: Kids and Pets
The may be short in stature, but you still need to give them presents. (If you've ever tried to shortchange a well behaved toddler or a treat-deserving terrier, you know what we mean). Kids and pets can be a troubling demographic for both parents and...
Hello Kitty, Hello Art!
Continuing to captivate the world with her kawaii cuteness, Hello Kitty is the focus of the new hardcover collectible book Hello Kitty, Hello Art!. The book features more than 200 full color pages of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends My Melody...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Sound Quality The first exhibition at NYC showroom and shop Grey Area, "Sound Quality" is nearly over but their clever take on the classic merch table continues online, tempting music fans with things like artist-curated CDs, Kent Henricksen's...
Besides their quiet companionship, cats offer a relatively low level of demand as a pet. Owners and their feline friends will enjoy the freedom of cat lover Philip Eu's cleverly named invention, the Gatefeeder. The minimally designed controlled...
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