Carry On

A Modular Luggage System, Bugaboo Boxer
We've seen small footsteps toward better luggage (currently an industry drowning in designer labels and cookie-cutter design), like Raden's lightweight case with integrated tech and G-Ro's axle-less two-wheeler. But the latest offering comes from...
Bluesmart's New Smart Suitcase, the Black Edition
Indiegogo success story Bluesmart has updated their debut smart carry-on suitcase (with built-in battery, GPS tracking, Bluetooth-enabled remote locking, etc) with a new Black Edition. The double PU layered polycarbonate case—even more scratch...
The Parker Leather Rolling Suitcase
Selling for $1,595 (the brand's priciest travel bag offering yet), Moore + Giles' first-ever carry-on suitcase is an investment piece geared toward uncompromising travelers and commuters (for smaller budgets, we'd recommend the new Raden smart...
RADEN Smart Luggage
The plot might be familiar: a young start-up disrupts big, sleepy industry that nobody young wants to touch—but the ending is sweet and actually, available to purchase on the day of its launch. Raden is more than a container to hold your clothes...
Smooth Travels: Away's Carry-On Suitcase
Planning a trip is fun, but hell breaks loose the night before departure when you try to jam a week's worth of clothing into your decade-old suitcase, kicking yourself for spending hours online looking at new bars instead of realizing one of your...
Overnight Duffle Bag
The duffel bag gets a luxe upgrade: Scholar MFG's version is on the smaller side—designed to be on-the-go—and made with gorgeous premium Italian leather and solid Swiss brass. The bag, handmade in LA, is meant to last a long, long time and will wear...
Design-Forward Luggage from Delsey and Philippe Starck
French luggage brand Delsey is currently working on bringing smart suitcases to the masses (Pluggage will be able to weigh itself, charge your phone and open with fingerprint scan). But until then, we're more than satisfied rolling around their most...