Card Games

ANAXI Card Game + Brainstorming Tool
Purveyors of clever and entertaining games that also exercise minds, Denver-based, award-winning Funnybone Toys, inventors of the Disruptus innovation game and a long-time favorite of Cool Hunting, has recently released ANAXI, a fun, creative...
Superfight Classic Bundle
Superfight has taken the age old debate of "who would win in a fight?" and translated it into card-game form. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, players must build the most outrageous fighter from their hand (for example a pirate swinging a shark on...
DICK Card Game
DICK is at once a provocative party game and a retelling of Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby-Dick" or, "The Whale." In a mash-up of literature and lowbrow humor, the game positions direct quotations from Melville's often-suggestive text against...
Werewolf Role-Play Game
The party game Mafia—invented by Russian psychology student Dimitry Davidoff in the late '80s as a teaching tool—has been shared and played all over the world (it's called Loups-garous in France, for example), simply through word of mouth. It's...