Carbon Fiber

Cycling through Spring Two Ways
Save for the hardened wool-laden road warriors and fat bike single track explorers, winter is a tough time for cyclists. It often means chaining oneself to an indoor trainer or simply accepting that you might just lose a bit of your prowess on the...
Test Drive: 2015 Bentley GT3-R
"Racing changes the perception," says Brian Gush, Bentley’s Director of Motorsport. The Bentley GT3-R is the latest evolution of the brand's suave and still-alluring Continental GT—and the fastest Bentley ever made. It hauls ass in the most gentlemanly...
Genesis Bikes' Carbon Zero
If there's one thing UK-based Genesis Bikes knows, it's humility. The brand makes no mistakes about its place in the bike industry. They describe themselves as not the biggest, not the oldest, not the most technically advanced, but always striving...
Test Ride: 2014 Salsa Beargrease Carbon Fatbike
What was once thought to be a novelty by some in the bike community, innovations in both technology and design (not to mention trail infrastructure) suggest that the fat bike is here to stay. Built off the basics of mountain bike frame geometry...
Custom Bikes by Bamford Cycle Department
George Bamford knows what he likes and how he likes it, and has over the years customized all types of vehicles and products for his personal use. The knowledge gained through those many product experiences is what led him to create his eponymous...
Tyndall PVD Black Carbon Fiber LTD
Modern, complex and exquisite, this limited edition watch is a spin on Xetum's Tyndall line, designed in LA, but containing a Swiss automatic movement. Defined by Xetum’s signature lugless case, an exhibition back and a carbon fiber dial with a recessed...
Blueberries 3D-Printed Jewelry
by Adam Štěch The contemporary Czech jewelry scene is exceptional. Over the past few years, an array of intriguing designers and craftsmen have become newly curious about jewelry as an abstract structure and have formed a new movement around this...
Cannondale Slice RS
In years past cutting seconds off your race time meant donning hilarious helmets and hoping the wind's at your back. Now, thanks to the latest in carbon molding, integrated gearing and carbon components, Cannondale's recently released Slice RS claims...