Camera Phones

ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS
For anyone looking to step up their iPhone image capturing, the new ExoLens attachment features a wide-angle professional ZEISS lens. It's the first (virtually distortion-free) aspherical lens developed by the brand solely for iPhone. With an infinite...
Philips 759
The new Philips 759 and 755 mobile phones have touch screens and software that allow you to draw on or edit the pictures you snap with the embedded VGA (640x480 pixels) camera. They are both tri-band GSM phones and are reported to be launching in...
Sony Ericsson T630
I have been using my new T630 for a couple weeks now and am very impressed. The screen quality is amazing and the new buttons are much more usable than the T610. I only wish the camera was better quality. full review at mobileburn
Mobile Grit on IDANDA
My camera phone photo series, IDANDA . Here's an excerpt: New York-based artist Josh Rubin uses the humble cell phone to create Mobile Grit, his series of rather beautiful abstract images. Given Rubin's background at Motorola (and now at mobile...
Motorola V80 (R880)
According to Mobile Review , the Motorola V80 (previously thought to be named the R880) has been confirmed for April 2004 delivery. The V80 is the successor of the original rotator, the V70 . One great feature is the ability to compose a picture...
MyOrigo MyDevice
MyOrigo is a Finnish company developing a new smartphone called the MyDevice. Despite this branding disaster, the device looks like it will be pretty interesting. The feature set is standard for a smartphone -calling, messaging, personal info mgt...
SENT: America's First Phonecam Art Show
Many of us see beauty in the crudeness of emerging visual technology. Cameraphone images are, at this moment in time, really distinctive. And, to me, really beautiful. I even maintain a little gallery of my own mobile phone images . SENT is an upcoming...
Nokia 6820
Last week, Nokia announced a bunch of new phones . The 7700 Media Device has been getting all the press because it's so damn wacky. The one I'm hot for is the less hyped and more useful 6820 (pictured above). It's what I've been anticipating since...
Nokia 6850!?
It looks like my tech lust prayers have been answered... Nokia will be announcing an upgrade to the 6800 (above) that will include Bluetooth and a camera. It also looks like an updated UI, Series 45? via AreaMobile (with pictures)
Cellphones Made Easy
In today's NY Times Circuits, David Pogue reviews low end cell phones. It's a pretty good overview of the most basic phones on the market. And, as always, it has Pogue's witty tone. I like the Seussian opener: Red phones, blue phones, Cellphones...