Camera Swagg
Photographers know the burden of carrying around two or more cameras in order to never miss that perfect moment. Lightening the load is Oklahoma-based Matthew Swaggart, whose sturdy, handmade leather multi-camera harness (dubbed the "MoneyMaker") lets...
Tips from Ozzie Sweet's 1958 book 'My Camera Pays Off'
Recently a friend of ours discovered, while cleaning out her mother's storage unit, this 1958 book from prolific professional photographer Ozzie Sweet: "My Camera Pays Off." It must have been quite useful to its former owner (her mother was an editor...
The Wonders of the Leica Q
It's easy to understand why photographers turn to Leica. Simply put, they're beautifully designed, highly durable and capture superb images. The new Leica Q—a powerful, compact digital camera with a 24MP full frame sensor—lives up to the promise. The...
Yuneec's Typhoon Q500 Drone with 4K Camera
To put it in the simplest terms, 4K Ultra HD directly translates to 4000 pixels wide in resolution. This is far superior to standard HD and it's the next wave in viewing—and capturing videos. With electric avation specialist Yuneec International...
Self-Flying Camera
Born out of the basement of a UC Berkeley robotics lab, Lily is a radio controller-free camera that starts recording as soon as you throw it in the air. Whether you're snowboarding or surfing, the waterproof quadcopter follows (and films) you around...
Tokyo Camera Style
Though smartphones might take the bulk of our daily point-and-shoot photography, street shooting with film is alive and well—especially in Tokyo. Throughout the '90s and early aughts, Japanese camera-makers from Contax to Nikon produced a range of...
Enhancing Mobile Photography with the Moment Case
Designed to elevate the mobile photography experience to a more professional level, Moment launched with a two-piece lens system on Kickstarter in January 2014, pulling in nearly $500,000 and over nine times their goal. But while their lenses have...
dp-2 Quattro Digital Point & Shoot Camera
SIGMA continues to revolutionize photography with the dp2 Quattro camera, which offers a perspective close to human vision. The camera incorporates a newly developed Foveon X3 image sensor that processes photos in three pixel layers, resulting in 3D...
Nikon’s Full-Frame D-SLR: D750
by Tariq Dixon With professional-grade capabilities in a compact, lightweight body, Nikon’s D750 is the brand's latest (and in many ways, its most versatile) full-frame D-SLR. We took the camera to Puerto Rico to test its range of unique features...
A History of Toy and Novelty Cameras
With a tiny computer equipped with a more than capable camera in our pocket, it's difficult to consider a time when such image-capturing devices were a luxury—one generally uninvolved with daily life at that. In fact it wasn't until the 1960s, when...
Build Your Own VIDDY Pinhole Camera
It's been over a year since the wild success of UK-based artist Kelly Angood's "The Pop-Up Pinhole Project"—a Kickstarter initiative, for which she proposed a camera that buyers assemble for themselves, from card stock. It was innovative, beautiful...
Lomography x Nixon: Analog Russia
In the northeast corner of Russia lies the Kamchatka Peninsula. As beautiful as it is barren, the remote and harsh landscape is sparsely populated and surely an acquired taste for the small but steady number of adventure-seekers that visit year-round...
Peak Design's Modular Camera Straps
As any photographer that's been around the block before will attest, few things are as irritating as equipment getting in the way of a shot, whether it's restrictive straps or just poorly designed attachment points that take too much time to adjust...
BMW and GoPro In-Dash Integration
While in Wisconsin with BMW to test drive the all new M3 and M4 on the Road America racetrack (more on that soon), we were given a sneak peek at the new GoPro app integration partnership. With this, owners of all BMW and MINI models equipped with...
Summer Snapping with the Olympus TG-3
The versatile new pocket-sized Olympus TG-3 makes it very easy to take great photos on fly—whether on land or in the water. We tested the soon-to-be-released camera in and around New Orleans and found that a slew of standout features define the model...
CH Gift Guide: Spring 2014
Spring has finally sprung in the Northern Hemisphere—and not a moment too soon. To celebrate the sun's reappearance and the prospect of flowers blooming, bikes rides and beach days to come, we have selected our favorite spring-themed goodies from the...
X2 Gagosian Edition Camera
Forged by a dreamy collaboration between Leica and contemporary art savant Larry Gagosian, the X2 Gagosian Edition Camera is limited to a mere 100 units. A camera as artistic as the photos it takes, its all-metal construction is finished with high...
CH Gift Guide: Perfect Snap
Have a budding lensman in your life? Help your favorite photographer move beyond the confines of Instagram filters and into the bigger picture with a gift that will surely enhance their camera skills. Whether it's Hasselblad's beautiful point-and...
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