Layer3 TV Launches Cablebox Designed by BMW Designworks
Layer3 TV is a new US cable company with service available in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Longmont, CO with Los Angeles coming online soon. Shown here is an exclusive look at their new set-top box designed by BMW Group subsidiary Designworks...
CH Omakase 2016: Native Union Tag Cable
All iPhone users know the woes of tattered, yellowing USB cables dangling from walls or stowed into bags and pockets. Fortunately, Native Union produces far more durable, and definitely better looking versions. As longtime fans of the brand, it...
Native Union's Eclipse Charging Cable Solution
Since the arrival of electricity in homes, consumers have wondered where to stash unsightly cables and wires. There's more than a design problem here, but a safety one, that doesn't just apply to kids and pets. Tangles create all kinds of problems...
Anchor Cable
Nothing brings on a Monday morning tantrum quite like coffee spills or tech fails. Native Union's new Anchor cable can help with the latter. Instead of fumbling with slipping, tangled USB cables, Anchor boasts a non-slip geometric weight—keeping your...
Kebei Li Kickstarts His Cubic Cable-Holder
Imitation is apparently the greatest form of flattery—but once industrial designer Kebei Li learned that a cheap, almost-too-similar version of the cubic cable holders he designed as a RISD student was being funded on Kickstarter by a new SF-based...
Eastern Collective Cables
Bringing a bright pop of color to the tangled white mass of iDevice cords are Eastern Collective's woven cables. Mixing textiles with technology, the young company from Vermont aims to brighten the otherwise drab greyscale-dominated world of Apple...
Zip Linq Retractable Cables
Zip Linq retractable cables solve the tangled cluttered mess of today's not quite wireless mobile world. They offer USB, Fire Wire, data cables and more-- all with a retractable mechanism. Among their more innovative products is a cell phone charger...