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CH Winter 2013 Playlist
The magic of the holiday season may be behind us, but as winter grows colder things are certainly warming up inside. Whether you're getting sweaty at a secret dance party in a yurt or raising the temperature under the covers, our CH Winter 2013...
Cool Hunting Spring 2012 Playlist
As we've found out the hard way in NYC, spring can often be an unwelcoming start to summer. Sunny one minute and raining the next, the juggling of temperatures can really drag down any premature warm weather celebrations. So while you're still deciding...
Cool Hunting's Hibernating Playlist
As winter sputters along in New York, we're finding plenty of reasons to be homebodies —an activity that calls for the appropriate soundtrack. Like Atlas Sounds' opener "The Shakes," some of the best music for the season seems engineered for...
Cool Hunting's Harvest Playlist
Fall is all about motivation, preparing for the season ahead by taking stock of summer's bounty. While melancholy at times—Bon Iver's childhood memory "Michicant," "Harvest Breed by Nick Drake—there's plenty here to get you going too...
Cool Hunting's Summer Warm-Up Mix
While the season's transitional weather lends plenty of opportunities for staring-out-the-window-at-the-rain songs, spring's soft sunshine also inspires a feel-good faster pace—so that we can get it all done in time for dreamy do-nothing summer...
Cool Hunting's Fall 2009 Playlist
As summer hanging makes way for classes and meetings, the changing season calls for a soundtrack of syncopated digital beats and rock 'n' roll jams for setting a productive mood. Of course, fall wouldn't be fall without shedding a small...
Cool Hunting's Summer 2009 Playlist
This collection of tracks (click here to launch a player) represents a selection of our favorite new jams and a few classics, all inspired by the warm days of summer and activities like beach trips and rooftop parties. When we all started listening...
February 2008 Playlist
This time of year brings a surplus of album releases and, for us, along with the fresh tunes comes a desire to do little more than stay home and listen to music while watching surf videos. The result is a collection of new faves and old jams, both...
Holiday Playlist 2007
Le Loup: The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly A weird mixture of banjos, percussion and computer sounds Le Loup creates an experimental sound that's still fun listening. Based on Sam Simkoff's original...