Philippe Starck

Mama Shelter, Paris
Frequent business travelers know far too well how difficult it can be to remain as efficient on the road as back at the office. An intermittent WiFi connection or an aggressive housekeeping regime can keep you from sending files on time or remaining...
Philippe Starck's Walter Wayle Wall Clock
Philippe Starck, designer of half-a-million dollar Richard Mille watches as well as the mass produced models for Fossil, created this wall clock for Alessi in 1989 and it's part of the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Design Collection. Two propeller...
Your toothbrush cleans your teeth, but what cleans your toothbrush? Good point, I never thought about how disgusting a toothbrush might get. The mere thought of it sells me on the newly designed VIOlight. Fashioned by Philippe Starck, the VIOlight...
Starck Pumas
Ok, I know... two Philippe Starck posts in as many weeks is a bit much. The thing is, he's been up to some interesting stuff lately. The latest: a line of sneakers for Puma. He has a long drawn out explanation of his theory of evolution, but the...
Starck Mouse
Microsoft has commissioned Philippe Starck to design a mouse. The scroll wheel is nicely hidden in the center line detail, and the proportions are rather nice. But other than that, it's nothing ground breaking. According to the distributor it...