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L'Orchestre National de Mauritanie: Senam-Mosso
Lebanese composer and music producer Zeid Hamdan is behind some of the country's biggest regional and alternative bands. "Balekeh" is a song from 2011 performed by his band, Zeid and the Wings, from their album Aasfeh. Here, he takes the already soothing...
Zeid Hamdan: Balekeh (Acoustic)
Hailing from Mauritania, Noura Mint Seymali's "Tzenni" (the Hassaniya Arabic word meaning "to turn" or "to spin") is immediately intriguing and alluring. The song quickly morphs into fusion of traditional Moorish griot music, Western pop, blues, even...
Noura Mint Seymali: Tzenni
Discovered by Sublime Frequencies and then released o"n the label's compilation Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq, Yumma, al Hilou" is a track that we don't know much about, other than the fact that it might translate to "Mother, Here's...
Souad Abdullah: Yumma, al Hilou
Full of nostalgia, handclaps (and hand drums) and a decidedly warm feeling permeating the entire track, "Habibi Taal" (off the debut album Silt) is the perfect introduction to Brooklyn-based, Sudanese-born singer Alsarah and her band the Nubatones...
ListenUp: Brownbook Magazine
This week, we check in with Dubai-based Brownbook magazine in celebration of the mix of "legends and underground heroes" included in their current music issue. In addition to a pull-out songbook featuring sheet music from classic Egyptian songstress...