Three Superb Spirits Employing Surprising Materials
On a recent trip to indie food and drink specialty shop Mouth, in NYC, we discovered a bunch of curious creations that hadn't crossed our path before. After leaving with plenty of products to taste, three struck our attention for their unique approach...
Gold-Plated Sunglasses
Brooklyn artist collective EXOvault has become known for their steampunk iPhone cases, as they're not afraid to play with aluminum, brass or titanium. Now they've launched their first eyewear design, which they manufacture themselves. A closer look...
Good Luck Jewelry
From nazars to horseshoes and the Eye of Horus, almost every culture has a symbol of luck and protection that is meant to ward off the negative vibes and welcome the good. While lucky charms can be tacky, they can also be a stunning accessory that...
Photographer Jessica Yatrofsky's "I Heart Girl"
For a portrait photographer, mastering the finer points of three-point lighting is as important as bringing out the best in your subjects. Brooklyn-based multimedia artist and photographer Jessica Yatrofsky has clearly excelled in both; constructing...
"There once was a little boy who was born like a girl. When he was little, he never thought about his gender; he was just a person," says a narrator over a video scrolling through photos of a child amid the sometimes turbulent transitions of growing...
Fiercely Curious + Made Popup Show
When Erin Przekop and Tom Critchlow were first conceiving the idea that would become their online art boutique Fiercely Curious, they didn't realize they were going to be starting a creative family. "We were hiking in the Andes and Erin was trying...
Levitating Lavender Candle
Brooklyn-based shop Species By the Thousands offers everything from original illustrated greeting cards to alchemy-inspired jewelry—not to mention a collection of scented soy wax candles. The unique labels for each of their different candles make it...
The Splendid Spoon at Fashion Week
While the presentations last week at Lincoln Center stimulated many senses, they didn't tackle taste buds. However, Brooklyn's The Splendid Spoon did—by way of an on-demand courier service delivering soups straight to attendees who ordered via tweet...
Singularity&Co's Campaign to Save Sci Fi
Brooklyn-based bookstore and publishing fixture Singularity&Co has expanded its commitment to rescuing pulp fiction from the past with a Kickstarter campaign called Save the Sci Fi: The Next Generation. In the campaign to resurrect rare, forgotten...
Paul Tuller's Pop Idol Devotion Candles
Fresh off a stint as an on-set illustrator for HBO's "Looking" social campaign, Brooklyn-based artist Paul Tuller—who first won our attention with a thoughtful queer categories poster series—just debuted a Devotion to Pop candle line. This play on...
DIY Tips with Adina Grigore's Skin Cleanse Book
Demystifying skincare is often overwhelming, frustrating and expensive—with new miracle formulas and elixirs constantly being added to the inifinite list of "must-haves." And considering that most of these proclaimed panaceas don't even contain the...
Muston & Co. Italian Fabric Belts
It often seems like there is little room for men to reflect their personality in dress attire. Dress shirts stay primarily the same. Suits vary by cut and color, but straying too far from the norm can timestamp an outfit in a way that may lead to...
Singles Club Year Two
These days, many see vinyl records as coveted relics of interest for a niche audience, though in fact international sales hit a two-decade high in 2014 with six million LPs sold in the US alone. While some chalk this up to a widespread vintage fetish...
The Robotic Future of Pour-Over Coffee: Poursteady
The crowded premium coffee shop: on the one hand, it's a lively communal living room where conservations mingle and the energy is palpable—all walks-of-life coming together in the common search for next level java. On the other hand (and often where...
Rebecca Atwood's Tidal Textiles
They say that the sound of waves along the shoreline is soothing because it transports the mind back to the womb. Rebecca Atwood brings this meditative quality to the home with her newest fabric collection, launching today, 21 January 2015. Though...
More Than Just Raw Juice: Tiny Empire
In the hubbub of Williamsburg, Tiny Empire's small, pristine space is where people who like juice stop in for a healthy drink in a creative environment. The shop's artistic ambiance stems from owner Anthony Spadaro's alternative youth. "I was part...
Anne et Valentin Arrives in Brooklyn
For the daring eyeglasses wearer in search of a new signature pair of frames, a potential soulmate could be found within Anne et Valentin's collection. The French independent eyewear brand was started by a couple in the 1980s, and has been producing...
Moratorium Jewelry
Whether she’s riding her Ducati or looking after her one-year-old daughter (and South African mastiff), self-taught jewelry designer Jeanette Lai Thomas exudes dedication. Her brand Moratorium favors sleek, structural lines and geometric shapes with...
Foxy & Winston Cotton Voile Scarves
During the winter doldrums, sometimes all that's needed is a pop of charm to get through the darker days—and if that charm helps keep you toasty, then all the better. Brooklyn-based textile designer Jane Buck of Foxy & Winston has it all covered...
Jonas Wood Silk Scarf
Brooklyn-based Massif Central invites contemporary visual artists to consider the silk scarf as their canvas, and their just-released second collection features collaborations with Julia Dault, Peter Halley, Chris Martin and more. With each in a limited...
Fashion Designer Paola Hernandez's Brooklyn Showroom
Over a year after launching a flagship store in Mexico City, fashion designer Paola Hernandez has unveiled a showroom at the crux of Brooklyn's north and south Williamsburg neighborhoods. Aesthetically minimal and arranged for the maximum impact...
Hand-Painted Wall Clock
Westkill, the Brooklyn studio of artists Joe Silver and Justin Horowitz, specializes in hand-painted and screen-printed home goods. Their one-of-a-kind clocks add a splash of character to a room or office.
Aquamarine Water Drop Ring
Judi Powers has been making a name for herself with her whimsical, ethically-sourced jewelry collection, all designed and crafted in her Brooklyn studio. Powers' Water Drop ring is an understated stunner, with an aquamarine cabochon gemstone set in...
CH + AmDC: Cork Box
Known for his cork furniture, Daniel Michalik started experimenting with the material in early 2004 when he was still finishing his graduate degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. Michalik's talent for the medium is evident in everything from...
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