Bluetooth Speakers

RIVA TURBO X Bluetooth Speaker
by Justin Kaehler Audio company RIVA is hoping to “rescue the world from mediocre audio” with its new TURBO X bluetooth speaker. It’s a mission statement for founder Rikki Farr, a man who is part of rock'n'roll history: a record producer who also...
Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth Speaker
For their consumer-level products, English audio equipment experts Bowers & Wilkins have always managed to merge their top quality engineering with sensible, pleasing design without making too many sacrifices in either area—as we've seen with their...
TDK's Water-Resistant Trek 360 Speaker
The market for wireless speakers has reached near-saturation point with just about every electronics company throwing their hat into the ring. In this sea of gimmicky, tinny sounding gadgets, a few makers—mostly audio specialists and companies dedicated...
Kohler Moxie Rainhead and Wireless Speaker
Initially introduced in 2013, the Moxie from Kohler combines a traditional shower-head and wireless speaker. Now, to make the experience even better, Kohler recently introduced the Moxie Rainhead, a larger version boasting an eight inch surface diameter...
Studio 5 by NudeAudio
San Francisco-based newcomer NudeAudio debuted their affordable line of portable Bluetooth speakers just last fall, but they show no signs of being satisfied with the status quo. They recently announced their newest speaker, the Studio 5, which marks...
Move by NudeAudio
Why own a portable speaker that connects to your smartphone or computer over Bluetooth, when you are never compelled to move the speaker from its "spot"? Counteracting the current trend of premium wireless speakers that just tend to sit there, newcomer...
Otis & Eleanor Bongo Speaker
As far as sustainable resources go, bamboo is often a best bet. For this reason, product design and build brand Otis & Eleanor called on the material for their new portable bluetooth 4.0 speaker, dubbed the Bongo. Launched on Kickstarter today, 3...
DECK by SOL Republic
Wireless speakers continue to innovate and differentiate in order to pull away from the herd. Known for their high-quality and almost indestructible headphones, SOL Republic's latest offering, a collaboration with Motorola, The DECK—released today...
The Blazar by Beacon Audio
There's no shortage of wireless speakers on the market today. With a range of features available; from the water-resistant and beach-ready to the amazingly compact, we've been sifting through all of the latest technologies. While the aforementioned...