4th of July Blues
Hold the urge to decorate your house and yard with red, white and blue; it only works for one weekend anyway. With long-term enjoyment in mind, we're sticking with the blues this upcoming holiday weekend. In a year in which politics are especially...
Pherrow's 'Bakapile' Collection from Japan
Meguro, Tokyo-based casual sportswear brand Pherrow's turned 25 this year, and they've dedicated the SS16 season to all things "Blue." Though known for their American-inspired denim (with back patches displaying "Japan's Magnificent Garment...
Cobalt Blue MH40 Headphones
NYC-based newcomers Master & Dynamic have been wooing both casual listeners and audiophiles with headphones that offer balanced, smooth sound and a noticeably durable build quality that doesn't cut corners. In a collaboration with Parisian boutique...
Studio Visit: BUAISOU, Brooklyn
Here at CH, indigo is our muse (we've even dedicated a Gift Guide to it this year) but sometimes, the final product can't tell the entire story on its own. Natural indigo blue is not an easy color to achieve, is the takeaway from our conversation...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Indigo Enthusiasts
Cool Hunting's co-founders have long been indigo experts and enthusiasts, and their obsession has proven to be contagious—with the entire editorial staff sharing the passion. The lush, inky hue isn't just heavenly to gaze upon; the process, textures...
Jill Scott: You Don't Know
Jill Scott's newest song "You Don't Know" is a heartbreaking, bluesy ballad that's entirely full of feels. Originally recorded by Carl Hall in 1967, Scott's version sees Questlove on drums and Adam Blackstone (who has worked with everybody from Kanye...
NASA Astronaut Flight Suit
For those of us who haven't yet abandoned our dreams of one day hurtling toward the stars, Alpha Industries' replica NASA astronaut suit is a step closer to the heavens. Whether you're looking for a party costume or just want to jazz things up on a...
Embroidered Notebook
British design studio Custhom applies their penchant for unlikely pairings to the Embroidered Notebook. The handmade book is digitally embroidered and fits in your pocket.
Steve Gunn + Mike Cooper: Pony Blues
Cult label RVNG's conceptual 12-inch series FRKWYS (pronounced "freakways") pairs young contemporary musicians with groundbreaking predecessors. As there are no limitations on creation, anything can happen—like percussionist David Van Tieghem musically...
Tablecloth HH
Go halvsies with Diario’s light blue and aqua tablecloth, which merges graphic colorblocking with the soothing shades of the sea. Designer Moisés Hernández’s Mexican heritage inspired him to create Diario, which consists of everyday objects recollected...
The Preatures: Is This How You Feel (Classixx Remix)
A gorgeously sexy, "melt your clothes off" kind of groove, this Classixx remix of The Preatures' "Is This How You Feel" is an instant love affair. With their Midas touch, Classixx transformed the Sydney-based band's emotional yet light-hearted indie...
The Flaming Lips: Turning Violent
One of the Flaming Lips' darkest works yet; the lyrics, instrumentation and video for "Turning Violent" are uncharacteristically reserved. Steven Drozd's falsetto vocals and an oscillating bass synth lead you into a deceptive sense of lull, until the...
Pure Bathing Culture: Dream the Dare
What do you get when you cross Beach House with Fleetwood Mac somewhere on the foggy coast of the Pacific Northwest? Portland's Pure Bathing Culture melds celestial layered synths with late '70s, dreamy pop rock. Their second single, "Dare to Dream...
The Flaming Lips: Turning Violent One of the Flaming Lips' darkest works yet; the lyrics, instrumentation and video for "Turning Violent" are uncharacteristically reserved. Steven Drozd's falsetto vocals and an oscillating bass synth lead you into...
Jesse Woods: Lazerburn
Former Texas A&M wide-receiver Jesse Woods didn't take a traditional path to musical success. When a series of injuries rendered him unable to continue playing football, he turned from singing satirical songs in the locker to reduce the pre-game stress...
El Perro del Mar: Change Of Heart
Hailing from Sweden's port city of Gothenburg, Sarah Assbrin—better known as El Perro del Mar—has been crafting dreamy indie pop since she started recording on CD-R discs back in 2003, but her music has only recently gained traction outside of her...
Winter Coats in Summer Colors: Blue
With winter approaching in much of the world, hordes of city-dwellers join the mass of black and neutral-hued overcoats to get through the darker months. However, many designers seem to be holding on to summer, packing their jackets with just...
Ragnar Kjartansson
Daring newcomer Ragnar Kjartansson made his first major splash in the art industry when he became the youngest Icelandic artist at the Venice Biennale. There Kjartonsson made "The End (Venice)," a six month performance piece, both homage and satire...
Goody Blue Shoes
Spring has officially sprung here in NYC, with blue skies on our mind and blue shoes on our feet. With shorts season just around the bend, now is a great time to find a pair of kicks that perfectly compliment your bright personality, as well as the...
This Boy's Got the Blues
Who says a white teenager from Saskatchewan can’t have the blues? Thank god no one told 17-year-old Kyle Riabko because we’d be without one of the hottest young up-and-comers in the blues genre. Back in the â...