For the next week you can see my finds on Moto-à-Porter, a "super blog" covering São Paulo's Fashion Week. Created by the creative team ag407 for Motorola, the site is part of the lounge they've set up (pictured) and...
As social networking sites become bigger and bigger people have a harder time finding new friends or meaningful stuff to share. As a result there is an increasing number of niche or topic focused sites coming on to the scene. The latest, MOG, is...
With so much music being released that's freely available on the internet, it's a little daunting to try and sift through to find the diamonds. But British blogger Alex Young is a gifted electronica aficionado that does just that. His site...
I Heart Switch
I Heart Switch may be a work in progress, but here's a chance to get in on the ground floor. Basically what we have here is a DIY show in which our host Alison demonstrates how to assemble all kinds of groovy knicknacks. It's not terribly...
Flavorpill Sundance
Describing Flavorpill Sundance, a blog devoted to the happenings of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, one is tempted to say it’s all over that indiefest like a cheap suit. But that would be wrong. Flavorpill isn’t a cheap...
SMITH Magazine
The hyperbolically-titled "bloggers revolution" has changed publishing. Virtually free to publish, the internet phenomenon has created digital publishing, a medium that is simultaneously wholly democratic yet often schizophrenic. Now there...
2006 Bloggie Nominations Begin
Nominations for the 6th annual Bloggies began today and, well, Cool Hunting's a blog! Obviously, we fit the American, Group, and, ahem, Best of the Year, among others, but our just-launched Cool Hunting Podcast is already rated #13 in Arts and...
To Darrin Hudson, From Jeff Staple
Jeff Staple is the creative force behind Staple Design and The Reed Space, both of which marry urban culture and fantastic design. One of his strongest focal points is footwear, Sneakers specifically. On his new blog, To Darrin Hudson, Jeff is cataloging...
Charles and Marie: Soupe Du Jour
We don't know Charles and Marie personally, but judging by their site I think we'd all have plenty to talk about. In addition to their series of blogs, they have just launched Soupe Du Jour-- an on-line shop with something new every day and...
Yesterday we read about OZOcar over at Charles and Marie and loved the idea so we decided to give them a shot for this morning's trip to the airport (en route to Seattle). With a fleet of 30 hybrid vehicles, OZOcar is New York's first eco...
Cassette Jam 05
When was the last time you labored through making a mix tape? I think I made my last one in 1997. The cassette tape is pretty foreign these days, but still hugely nostalgic. Cassette Jam 05 is a collection of photos of over 180 different blank...
Feedster of the Day
We've feed of the day. If you're asking yourself WTF all that gibberish is, Feedster is like Google for RSS feeds. RSS feeds are are a different way content (especially from blogs) is distributed. More info here.
Blue Jake and Wooster Collective just launched Streetsy, a street art photo blog. With over 2500 images and new ones added all the time, Streetsy promises to be a great daily fix. And like the art itself, the images are free to the public domain.
The Spear
When I mentioned the Nike iD blogger contest go vote now!
Nike iD Blogger Contest
It's hard not to see an advert for Nike's relaunched iD customization service. They're really blowing out the promotion, and with good reason-- the new version of the site is fast, simple, elegant and fun (rock on RGA!). Then, of course...
Joris Laarman
Though his work made the rounds on design blogs last year, we somehow missed it until now. Joris Laarman is a young Dutch designer with a great sense of style. We like it when designers challenge convention, as Joris has done with his designs for...
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