Black And White Photography

Mean Streets: NYC 1970-1985
by Sun Bak In a time when people seem to pause only to snap the picturesque, new photo book "Mean Streets: NYC 1970-1985" is an important reminder to take off the smartphone-induced blinders. The book is compiled of largely never-before-printed...
Photographer Jason M Peterson + Overthrow Boxing
As a sport of force, stamina and speed, boxing delivers many impassioned moments that aren't easily captured in all their glory. Photographer Jason M Peterson—Creative Chairman of North America at Havas and an acclaimed Instagrammer who just crossed...
'Nico the Kid' Fine Art Print
Madrid-based photographer Kristina Fender seeks out motion, and her particular interest is capturing those zooming by on motorbikes. Her black-and-white “Nico the Kid” is exemplary of her talent for preserving the animated energy of bikers and their...
Elliott Landy's Opening Night
Whether or not you know the name Elliott Landy, you've most certainly seen his work. The photographer has captured iconic rock and roll imagery for decades. From Woodstock (he was the official festival photographer in 1969) to intimate work with Bob...
Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964
Back in 1961, photographer Ted Russell started capturing a relatively unknown Bob Dylan when the young artist had just moved to NYC. Russell shot the 20-year-old songwriter, recently signed to Columbia Records at the time, hanging out in his Greenwich...
The Weegee Guide to New York
For press photographer Weegee (born Usher Fellig), New York City was his muse; he spent his lifetime documenting urban life without prejudice, from spectators at gruesome crime scenes to elevator operator strikes to the crowds at Coney Island. In the...