Bike Safety

Sugoi's Waterproof and Reflective Zap Fabric
Like so many successful companies, SUGOI was born from necessity. The brand was founded by David Hollands and Carol Prantner—Hollands was an endurance athlete trying to find better bike shorts, while Prantner worked in the fashion industry. Hollands...
Thousand Bike Helmets
Not everybody wants to wear a sleek, webbed bike helmet like pro riders. For many, that sporty design doesn't match their brand of everyday biking: running errands, grabbing groceries or cruising around the neighborhood. Gloria Hwang aims to overcome...
Volvo's New Safety Initiative: Life Paint
As urban streets are increasingly shared between drivers and cyclists, road safety is more of an issue than ever before. In the UK, more than 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents every year. Many of these collisions take place in London, where...
Bike Gear for Rainy Days
The old Swedish saying goes that there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes—but the dampness and chill of a Pacific Northwestern autumn can make many a devoted cyclist hang their bike up in the garage until spring. That said, a few carefully chosen items...
Trek Bikes' New Commuter-Focused Model: Lync
For those looking for an excuse, a laundry list of potential struggles certainly exists when commuting by bike: weather, reckless drivers, flat tires, the looming fear that your accessories or bike itself will get stolen. Though Trek Bicycles' new...
3D-Scanned Customized Protection by Bell Helmets
Bell Helmets, the all-American helmet company—has spent the last 60 years protecting racers and enthusiasts from head injuries. In various disciplines ranging from self-powered to gas-powered sports, Bell has positioned itself at the forefront of...