Bike Locks

Altor's Foldable, Titanium Bike Lock
Manufactured out of Bethlehem, PA is a new alternative to the heavy steel U-locks that cyclists carry around grudgingly. Users seeking convenience in most cases have to sacrifice security, but Altor's folding bike lock hopes to appeal to both...
Hexlox Saddle and Wheel Bike Lock
Anyone who's gone through the annoyance and disappointment of bike parts being stolen will understand the importance of a discreet but powerful means of protection. There are a few options already on the market, but none of them are foolproof and...
Folding Bike Lock
Different than your typical U-Lock or chain, the Foldylock (designed in Tel Aviv) opens up when in use and, when you're riding, folds into a compact package that you can easily mount on your bike-frame or toss into a backpack. The lock is easy to transport...
Nokē Smart U-Lock
No matter how structurally sound one's bike lock is, there's always the sneaking suspicion that somewhere a thief's bolt-cutters are equally capable. As home lock systems become connected, smarter and thus better at their job of protecting, so too...
Nutlock Bicycle Wheel Security System
As many know from unfortunate experiences, bike thieves target components just as often (perhaps if not more so) than bicycles as a whole. While a sturdy U-Lock does well to secure a frame, it leaves one—sometimes both—wheels vulnerable. Carrying...
Double O Bike Light
While there's been no shortage of innovations in the bike light category in recent years, there's always room for improvement. Taking a rather unorthodox approach to the bicycle safety essential, UK's Paul Cocksedge hopes to introduce the Double...
BLESS + Table of Contents Bike Locks
For their spring product theme of "Getting Around," Portland's Table of Contents online and brick-and-mortar retail platform linked up with the Berlin- and Paris-based design studio BLESS. The resulting limited edition set of bike accessories (part...