Bike Helmets

Airnet MIPS Bike Helmet
A well-ventilated helmet makes all the difference between enjoying vs cursing your summer commute and weekend bike rides. Specialized's new Airnet helmet has large vents to efficiently keep temperatures down, with comfortable merino wool pads that...
Hand-Painted Bike Helmets
NYC's Danielle Baskin designs and paints landscapes, video game throwbacks, educational charts and even internet memes and emojis through her one-woman company, Inkwell Helmets, proving the slightly dorky safety precaution is just as fun and customizable...
ICEdot: Helmet Crash Sensor
The unfortunate truth about cycling is that, at some point, you're going to crash. Try as you might with bike handling skills, heightened road awareness or just plain defensive riding, it's unfortunately bound to happen. And when it does, you'll...
Henry Liz Bike Helmet Totes
There's no denying that once you've stepped off your bike and locked it up, carrying around a clunky helmet is annoying. NYC-based Mara Holmgren and Megan Kiefer—like so many designers—saw the problem and wanted to solve it. "About two years ago...
Commute in Style with Bandbox Bike Helmets
The struggle between choosing style or safety now has one potential solution: the Bandbox bike helmet. Not only is it smaller than the average helmet, the Bandbox is designed to be disguised by a variety of different hat covers. From sewing each...
Studio Visit: Inkwell Helmets
Danielle Baskin first popped up on our radar as the artist who was painting the easily recognizable (and for those from the Northwest, iconic) PDX airport carpet patterns onto bike helmets. Evidently, she paints a lot more than that (though these...