Bike commuting

Finn: The Universal Smartphone Bike Mount
Whether commuting to work, hammering out a century on country roads or running errands, having quick and easy access to your smartphone is a near essential for most cyclists. While a variety of mounts are on the market, none match the simplicity...
Cannondale Bad Boy 1: Urban Performance
Hybrid bikes tend to attract unanimously negative connotations from purist cyclists—and often rightly so. Most popular with beginners or those who turn the pedals once a year, hybrids draw on design characteristics from purpose-built classes of...
Bookman Cup Holder
With spring on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, bicycles are beginning to be dusted off after their long hibernation; and to coincide, Stockholm-based Bookman has developed the logically named Cup Holder—a simple and attractive way to help city...
Lunis Apollo Pants
Looking stylish no longer means having to wear clothes that don't hold up to the rigors of the outdoors. Following their impressive debut reflective windshell, LA-based technical clothing designer Lunis presents their newest piece to blur the line...
The Commuter Suit by Parker Dusseau
Biking to work no longer means looking like a triathlete in training. From casual and functional collections like Levi's Commuter Series and Giro's New Road to cyclist specific bags of all styles, cycling apparel has improved drastically in recent...