Beirut: Gibraltar
Set in a dreamscape-like, trash-filled version of Gibraltar, with its famed Rock nothing more than a purple landfill, Beirut's brand new video (for the appropriately titled track "Gibraltar") manages to be both charming and inventive. The track itself...
Plan BEY Kicks Off a Creative Empire in Beirut
by Caroline Kinneberg Beirut is a city defined by its contrasts and constant evolution. One neighborhood where this becomes most apparent is Mar Mikhael. Previously a jumble of car repair shops, the area now overflows with trendy restaurants and...
Foodzines: Around the World
by Laila Gohar All over the world, from Tokyo to Beirut, a handful of compelling food journals are being published. Here we bring you a filtered selection of foodzines that have an international perspective and offer a peek into a unique food culture...