Bathing Suits

Interview: Designers Parke & Ronen
It's hard to imagine, with their men's bathing suits having such a distinct and commanding presence in the swimwear market, that duo Parke & Ronen designed their first pair on a whim. A few years after they united in 1997 and opened a store in...
Bold, Graphic Swimwear from Orlebar Brown and Marcello Morandini
With the amount of mileage many men get out of their swimsuits in the summer months, it only makes sense when adding to the rotation to pick one that's top quality and of lasting style. That's exactly what defines the new Orlebar Brown + Marcello...
Solid Swim Suits and Circular Sunglasses for Summer
We're well into summer on the northern half of the globe, but it's never too late to refresh your outdoor activewear. In the midst of a wild graphic patterns blitz (particularly for ladies), we've chosen some of our favorite solid suits, differentiated...
Solid & Striped Swimwear
In the world of swimwear, patterns can be polarizing and acceptable sizes, shapes and styles vary per season. Fortunately, Solid & Striped—a brand whose offerings we included when planning for last year's summer season—shies away from all that; producing...
Swimming Studies
As an artist, Leanne Shapton writes as if she's painting words across a page, uncovering memories and emotions in sentences like brushstrokes. As a swimmer, she tells stories with the cadence of fluid, mesmerizing laps through a clear blue pool...