COS + Agnes Martin Guggenheim Capsule Collection
As one circles up the rotunda at NYC's Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, a selection from the life's work of artist Agnes Martin offers inspirational insight. The introductory piece from 1957 declares Martin's devotion to abstract expressionism. This...
STLR Aesthetics Athletic Apparel
As we are constantly scouting out for advancements in athletic apparel, a common concern becomes finding durable gym clothes that one feels comfortable wearing to—and potentially from—the gym. New NYC-based STLR Aesthetics launches today with a...
Dessù Lingerie
Funded via KissKissBankBank (France's version of Kickstarter) last year, Paris-and-London-based Dessù offers a new perspective on lingerie. (The name comes from the phonetically similar dessous, one of the many French words for underwear.) The...
KULE Striped Shirts
From storied associations with European sailors and summers in the south of France to Americana and childhood memories, it's intriguing how much personality we affix to striped T-shirts. Further (and more pragmatically) stripes really go with just...
Basic Rights' Menswear Essentials
Basics are that category of clothing oftentimes best described as "wear a few times, then use as pajamas." The search for non-branded, tailored basics that don't cost more than they should, are elegant enough to wear to dinner, and last a long...
New Lingerie for Spring
With warmer weather comes fewer layers, and the increased probability that your undergarments will say hello to the world in some way, shape or form. Freshen up the spring wardrobe by tossing out basics that make you itch, sad or even embarrassed...
Classic OB T-Shirt
Made from cotton jersey that's sustainably grown in California's Central Valley, Olderbrother's classic OB T-shirt is designed in Portland and cut, sewn and dyed in LA. Each T-shirt is a little different—due to the dyeing process—but each boasts that...
MUJI Fifth Avenue Opens in NYC
New York Public Library's landmark Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue now has a new international neighbor across the street: Japanese brand MUJI is opening its largest North American store yet. Though this marks MUJI's fifth location in NYC...
Luxe Summer Basics from Goodlife Clothing
Clothes aren't everything, but the right clothes at the right time can make all the difference—especially when it comes to kicking back in the summertime. NYC-based apparel-maker Goodlife comes correct just in time for the warmer months with a line...
ÉCOLE Schools Men on Style
While style comes naturally to some, very few would turn down the help of a professional stylist—even if just to lock down a cohesive everyday look. Menswear e-retailer ÉCOLE wants to make that stylist experience accessible to all by creating an...
New Basics Premium Sweats
When it comes to basics, it's too easy to simply visit a local chain and buy them on the cheap; after all, basics are made for convenience, and daily wear means frequent replacement. However, these inexpensive items often have a high price socially...
Crew Neck T-Shirt
Inspired by vintage photos of old boxing gyms and NYC's affluential New York Athletic Club, Todd Snyder and Champion's collaborative “City Gym” collection channels a Jack Dempsey on the weekend vibe that's as tailored as it is casual. The cotton crew...
LOCAL ICONS: Reviving Industry with Apparel
During Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Weekend, fashion editor Veronika Ruppert—along with fashion business insider Katarina Kral—presented a new project called LOCAL ICONS. The small yet impressive installation inside Prague's Charles University revealed...
Minimalist Lingerie by Portland's REIF
Amongst a sea of over-embellished, neon-colored intimates that clog retail spaces everywhere, Portland-based REIF's new minimalist lingerie is a big gulp of fresh air. The latest AW '14 "basiks" collection introduces contemporary pieces that...
Roots XL Collection
Classic pieces, done exceptionally well, are hard to beat—especially when it comes to sweats. After consistently releasing some of the best sportswear in the world (including several runs of Winter Olympics uniforms for their home nation Canada...
Premium T-shirts and basics are a luxury—if you don't try it, you won't know what you're missing, but once you do it's hard to go back to anything else. With that in mind, the plush and expertly crafted sweatshirts, henley shirts, T-shirts and underwear...