Creative Time's Fall Ball Cocktails
For their annual Fall Ball, NYC-based arts production organization Creative Time hosted a slumber party. And—since it was created by the people who brought Kara Walker's epic Domino Sugar Factory exhibition to Brooklyn—this was no ordinary sleepover...
Salvatore Calabrese at The Cromwell, Las Vegas
There are few people in the spirits world with a name as recognizable as Salvatore Calabrese. Yes, he held the world record for most expensive cocktail (pricey because of the rare, vintage cognac he used dating back to 1778). But more importantly...
Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails
In demand bartenders David Kaplan and Alex Day—along with regular Nick Fauchald—tasked themselves with the ambitious goal of creating the ultimate cocktail book. If detailing the exact recipes of more than 500 cocktails created over eight years at...
The Flowing Bowl and Other Vintage Cocktail Books
Currently, there is a classic cocktail revival occurring; bartenders are once again revered as artists and flavors become the palette for one's palate. But what are these classic cocktails being revived? Where do their roots begin? How did those...
Six Hangar 1 Vodka Drinks from the Manhattan Cocktail Classic
by Jennifer Miller Last weekend, the New York Public Library opened its doors for one of the city’s most egalitarian black tie events: the Manhattan Cocktail Classic opening gala. Thousands of guests entered the library’s mood-lit halls, sipping...