Premiere: Kai Landre's "The 1st Kiss"
Social media plays a role in so many real-life love stories—sometimes to the detriment of those in the relationship. Some individuals document every moment, building a digital trail of emotion-saturated moments, some of which must be purged upon...
Best of CH 2016: Travel
Even though travel can be exhausting, it's something curious minds can never truly tire of—and the CH editorial team is no exception to that rule. Over the past year, our full-time staff and freelancers all over the world have delivered stories about...
Notes: The Value of Spontaneous Travel
I went to Barcelona last weekend with $116 in my checking account. I knew I'd need five of those dollars to pay for the AirTrain from JFK to the Howard Beach Station, so I had $111 in reality. I do not have a credit card. I am fortunate enough to have...
Porter & Sail's Travel Concierge Service in Barcelona
With Casa Bonay (a 19th century mansion turned 67-room boutique hotel) as our home base, we recently spent time in Barcelona exploring the recommendations of digital concierge service Porter & Sail. We first looked into the app's potential during...
Casa Bonay, Barcelona
by Ross Belfer There’s no denying Barcelona’s status as a mecca of brilliant architecture, art and design. If Gothic and neo-classical architectural edifices, clandestine, ornate gardens and awe-inspiring museums isn’t already enough, the timeless...
29 Snacks by Ferran Adrià
For 10 years, Ferran Adrià's restaurant elBulli carried the most commanding reputation for food expression and innovation. While its doors closed in 2011, the restaurant's visionary chef has applied his intellect and curiosity toward the development...
Ca La Maria Hotel and Gallery
At Barcelona's Ca La Maria bed and breakfast, architect Maria Inglada has repurposed her parents' 1920s-era flat into lodging that serves as a revolving exhibition space for her family's noted collection of contemporary art. Located in the fashionable...
Mohair #2 Collection by Datura
After eight years of working in the fashion industry—including a brand under her own name—Majorca-raised Stefania Borras uses her collected experiences to hit all the right marks with her line, Datura. Launched last year, Datura is designed in New...
Bitmap Blankets
Part of the "So Sottsass" display at London's Darkroom shop, Zuzunaga's pixelated Bitmap Blankets are a bold abstraction of a physical place. Each of the three cities, Tokyo, Shanghai and Barcelona, are photographed and compressed, then woven with...
The Indoor and Outdoor FollowMe Lamp from Marset
Barcelona is known for its flair—in natural geography, architecture and style of the city's inhabitants. With this in mind, it's no surprise one of the most exciting companies in lighting at the moment hails from the coastal city. Though Marset...
Odiseo Vol. 2
When viewing adult entertainment through rose-tinted glasses, the longstanding joke about "gentlemen's magazines" is that the pictures are nice, but one subscribes for the articles. While we all know this is hardly the case with most newsstand nudie...
Grapple by Ryan Frank
Barcelona-based designer Ryan Frank has invented a modular hanging system called Grapple. The molded hooks have a buckle feature which allows them to be set at different heights along strands of webbing and hold items of various weights, such as...
by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi The ethereal yet down-to-earth ethos behind Emedemarta—Dreamt. Made. Loved—guides Barcelona-based designer Marta Marginet in creating her enchanting line of hand-carved jewelry. Her simple aesthetic has garnered...
Make Lionel Bigger
Judging from their cheeky Kickstarter video, the Barcelona-based creative studio Hungry Castle has a major thing for Flock of Seagulls hairdos, Tom Selleck mustaches, bright pants, popped-collar denim, plastic grandma glasses and general vamping...
Mettsass Relaunch
To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Barcelona Design has just relaunched "Mettsass", a table design by Ettore Sottsass from 1972. The original table marks both BD's inaugural year as well as Sottsass's first design for the company, which would be...
Cool Hunting Rough Cut: LoSiento
by Gregory Stefano While in Barcelona recently (thanks to Red) we visited Borja Martínez, the founder of LoSiento, a studio that specializes in 3D typography, packaging and product design. Young and imaginative, the small firm is constantly...
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