Burgerac's Bangin' 4th of July Barbecue Mix
As the United States celebrates its independence from the United Kingdom 238 years ago we find it only appropriate to share in the joy that, while no longer part of Great Britain, America thrives in an ongoing friendship with our English-speaking...
Hot Sauce Gift Set
Created by two orthopedic surgeons who have a passion for grilling, Bone Doctors' Hot Pack gift set include Brazen Heat BBQ sauce with habanero and arbor peppers, Sweet & Spicy with peaches, honey, and cayenne, and their new Fire & Brimstone hot sauce...
Pig&Rig's Portable Party
One of the best summer activities is the backyard party—playing music until it echoes down the street, the smell of meat and veggies smoking on the grill, refreshing drinks and merrymaking until the sun goes down. Offering all this in single package...
The Cookbook by London's BBQ Experts, Pitt Cue Co.
While grilling meat over an open flame might be humanity's first foray into cooking, it's a style in which we have stopped striving for perfection—that perfect balance of smoke and sweetness is all due to the flame, the cut of the meat and the grillmaster...
Salty Wahine Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts
With its long history of rich cuisine and global mix of cultures, partnered with a natural bounty of produce and seafood, it's no surprise that Hawaii is home to some of the most spectacular cuisine this side of the Pacific. From ancient Hawaiian...
Baker's Bark Craft Beer Spice Rub
With grilling season just around the corner, there's no better time to step up your barbecue game with a bit of spice. The crew at Georgia-based Baker's Bark brought in a favorite grilling companion to add a unique maltiness to their smoky spice...
Flavo{u}r 21
Taking risks in the kitchen is one of the great joys of cooking at home. Chef, restauranteur, consultant and flavor expert Laura Santtini's unique products have held the attention of our tastebuds for some time—from her vegetarian Umami paste (made...
Cool Hunting Video: Takashi
Manhattan's West Village restaurant, Takashi, isn't your average barbecue joint. To learn more, we spoke with Chef Takashi about preparing beef cuisine, quite literally, from nose to tail. Blending Korean and Japanese flavors and cooking traditions...
Three Jerks Jerky
by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi There's jerky, then there's Three Jerks Jerky. Daniel Fogelson and Jordan Barrocas, the duo behind Three Jerks Jerky have concocted the couture of jerky—drawing from the best filet mignon cut to deliver what could very well...
Miss Lily's Jerk Marinades
The beloved Caribbean oasis in New York City's NoHo, Miss Lily's, recently released a trio of their treasured Jamaican barbecue sauces and marinades—each made with all-natural ingredients including habanero chilies, brown sugar, scallions, cumin...
Serious Barbecue by Adam Perry Lang
Originally published in 2009, Adam Perry Lang’s "Serious Barbecue" quickly became a coveted tome for fans of outdoor cooking. After numerous requests for copies of his BBQ how-to book, Lang has taken the reins and self-published a new printing...
Star Spangled Spatula
Flip burgers in patriotic style with this heavy-duty grill accoutrement. Designed by RISD graduate Jacob Riley-Wasserman, the Star Spangled Spatula is manufactured by the oldest American cutlery company, Lamson & Goodnow.