Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Massimo Vignelli Remembered The world lost a true visionary this week in Italian designer Massimo Vignelli. Working with his wife Lella, the Modernist creator's formative works will have a lasting legacy across a wide range of design fields...
Word of Mouth Denver: Cannabis and Culinary Culture
The hype surrounding the highly regulated legalization of retail marijuana in Colorado has subsided in the last six months, with tax revenue forecasts being taken down a notch and the absence of statewide hysteria confirming what may have motivated...
Flavored Lollies
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The Better Bacon Book
To true pork connoisseurs, store-bought bacon is an affront to the culinary arts. Ramp up your cured meat game by embracing the tastiest of DIY projects: homemade bacon. "The Better Bacon Book" marks the latest iPad-exclusive how-to publication...
Vermont Smoke and Cure
Bursting with flavor, Vermont Smoke and Cure's maple-brined bacon, smoked pepperoni and other all natural pork products are the upshot of slow gastronomy. Beginning with pigs that were raised without any antibiotics or animal by products, the small...
Bacon Scarf
If you are what you eat and like to wear it on your sleeve (or in this case around your neck), the bacon scarf makes a fitting accessory for metaphor-mixing bacon lovers. Made from 100% acrylic, it may not be the classiest of bacon scarves but what...
Year of the Golden Pig
18 Feb 2007 on the Gregorian calender marks the Chinese new year but this isn't any old new year. Lunar year 4704 is the year of the Golden Pig—a once in 600 year occurance—and is thought to mark a particularly...