Bowndling Hiking Apparel and Backpacks
"We believe hiking deserves better clothing," says the all-women team from young, UK-based label Bowndling, which launched November of 2014. The outdoors industry seems reluctant to merge function with fashion for fear of detracting from tech specs...
Two New Camp Stoves from Snow Peak
Spending time outside is always made a little better with a few comforts from home. A hot meal and a fresh cup of coffee at the base of a climb or deep in the wilderness is a welcomed luxury. Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak has two new compact and...
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Shelters
The backpacker's quest for lighter and stronger gear is seemingly endless—and for good reason. When you're a three-day walk into the wilderness, every ounce counts and equipment failure isn't an option. Maine-based Hyperlite Mountain Gear first caught...
Adventure-Proof Power from Brunton
With roots in developing navigation tools going all the way back to 1984, Boulder, CO-based Brunton has applied its sensible and utility-driven approach to design toward creating tools for the modern-day adventurer. Whether seeking solace in the...
Carbon Steel Utility Knives from Civilware
Wandering through the wilderness, far from civilization, has both inherent benefits and risks. The more remote you get, the more you'll want gear that's sure to perform no matter what you come up against. Inspired by his own experience in the desert...
The RugRat from TheTentLab
For those looking to get the most out of camping, it's essential to not skimp on your shelter. While cheap tents will get you through a few weekends here and there, going the extra mile and shelling out for a premium tent will not only make for a...
Esbit: Elegant Cookware for the Outdoors
Longtime backpackers will no doubt recognize the name Esbit. The German company's fuel tablets and pocket stoves have been an outdoor, survival and military mainstay since its first iteration in 1936. While the brand's fuel blocks and compact stoves...
Amok's Draumr, the Tent-Hammock Hybrid
There's no better time to hit the outdoors for a bit of peace and quiet than the early stages of summer. Tourist hotspots aren't yet (completely) overrun and the warm weather still has novelty on its side. If you're trying to catch your share of...
PowerPot by Power Practical
Going off the grid for a few days is one of life's purest pleasures. While ditching modernity is sometimes a must, having a flat battery on your mobile phone or digital camera can dampen your adventure. From making a call in the event of an emergency...