Auto Shows

Bonhams Greenwich Concours D'Elegance Auction
Sunday, 1 June 2014, Bonhams Greenwich Concours D'Elegance Auction will be held in Greenwich, CT. Although this auction is not Bonham's most exclusive, it is the quaintest and dearest, and is a true highlight on any aficionado's calendar. This year...
The Language of Tape Design
When you think about automobile design, clay probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. From sketches on paper to refined 3D renderings made in CAD, the design remains almost solely in theory until the team moves to a clay model. Modelers...
Highlights from the North American International Auto Show 2014
The North American International Auto Show, Detroit (known as NAIAS) always serves as a major platform for American brands, as well as for foreign brands who sell a lot of a specific model or manufacture them in the USA. The showcase also stands as...
Best of CH 2013: Instagram
As we enter 2014, a glance back at our Instagram truly reflects the number of miles the CH team clocked last year. Various cities across dozens of countries, art fairs and auto shows, captivating design, sweet treats and even alcohol inspired us on...
Cool Hunting Video Rough Cut: BMW i3 First Drive
During last week's LA Auto Show we spent some time with the all-new BMW i3, which will hit the road in 2014. Employing a ground-up approach, BMW has combined a high-tech drive train with their signature comfort and styling. And with an impressive...
Interview: Shiro Nakamura of Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun
Auto designers are part of a very small community, and those who rise to the top to direct the design of an entire brand (or multiple brands) always intrigue us. By nature, these talented people command the attention of the designers that work for...
Four New Mercedes-Benz S Class Vehicles Debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show
We wrote enthusiastically about our road test of the new Mercedes-Benz S Class just a few months ago. With the introduction of the latest cars joining the family at the 2013 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show, we now have a more complete view into the range...
Interview: Filippo Perini, Lamborghini's Head of Design
by Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten Italian auto manufacturer Lamborghini has been producing cutting-edge luxury sports cars for 50 years. Through financial tumult and the hands of many owners, Lamborghini has managed to sustain a reputation for top...