Series B Wine Decanter
Handcrafted by Austrian glassworks Lobmeyr, the glass comprising architect and designer Josef Hoffmann's "B Series" decanter is so thin, it's dubbed "muslin” for its likeness to the French fabric. First blown into a beechwood mold, the glass is then...
Series “B” Glasses by Josef Hoffmann + Lobmeyr
With an eye that favored strict geometric shapes, Josef Hoffmann was in many ways anticipatory of the cubist movement. His fondness for the square was so well-known that the architect and designer earned the nickname Quadrati-Hoffmann (Square Hoffman...
Finn: The Universal Smartphone Bike Mount
Whether commuting to work, hammering out a century on country roads or running errands, having quick and easy access to your smartphone is a near essential for most cyclists. While a variety of mounts are on the market, none match the simplicity...
Křehký Festival of Art Design
by Adam Štěch Nestled among the beautiful landscape of the Pálava hills near the border of the Czech Republic and Austria, Mikulov is a romantic town in the heart of Moravian wine country. Between 1-3 June 2012, the ancient chateau...
Citrocasa Fantastic
Citrocasa, the Austrian juicer barons, have finally made their premier juicers available stateside. Having dominated the commercial juicer market in Europe, they've released a new, significantly smaller product intended for small businesses and residences...
Caleas Cases
Designed specifically for hairstylist needs, these leather holsters from Austrian brand Caleas come equipped with padded interior pockets for scissors, razors and combs, and an adjustable band for keeping them all conveniently within reach at your...
Land Carpet
For anyone who's ever been mesmerized looking out an airplane window at the patchwork patterns of fields below, the Land Carpet recreates the manmade beauty of the arial views on your floor. Designed by former architect Florian Pucher, the 100% New...
The Eiskaffe
Recently, we've been taking well-deserved midday breaks from the heat with a Viennese treat that joins two classic summer coolers—ice cream and iced coffee. When we asked Austrian chef Eduard Frauneder (owner of NYC's Seasonal restaurant) to...
The Ikea Phenomenon
Now showing at the Vienna Furniture Museum, The Ikea Phenomenon takes a look at the international lifestyle brand's design evolution from the 1950s to the present. The show, considered through the lens of design history (and reinforcing Ikea...
Heidiskis Handmade Wood Core Skis
A few weeks ago the CH team sadly took our last run down the slopes for the winter at the secluded mountain of Sugarbush Vermont. The fact that it was our last trip was only brightened by the experience of trying the new, all wood core, handmade Heidiskis...
Pixel Hotel
by Kelsey Keith Playing on the idea of pixelation, the rooms and suites of the new Pixel Hotel in Linz, Austria, are scattered across the metropolitan area, blurring the definition of the classic hotel. Young and promising local architects were given...
MPREIS Supermarkets
by Laura Neilson I know I'm not alone in my love for grocery shopping in foreign countries. It's a great way to get a sense of a country's consumer culture—not just by seeing what the people of that country buy, but also the particular...
Alfred Kubin: Graphic Works 1897-1910
Marked by eerie, nightmarish imagery, the work of Alfred Kubin seems awfully appropriate on Halloween. The Austrian artist mined the depths of the human subconscious to craft some of the most enduringly spectral drawings, watercolors and lithographs...
Re-Shirt is an Austrian-based company that resells second-hand t-shirts. What sets them apart from other online boutiques is that every shirt comes with a personal story. Owners submit the unique history pertinent to the garment they donate—...
Working Class Heroes iPhone/iPod Touch Holders
by Valery Joseph The latest streamlined iPod/iPhone sleeves to enter the market (and our current favorites) comes courtesy of the Austrian duo behind the label Working Class Heroes. "We began the company out of a vision to create something...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Gelitin
In this episode we go to Coney Island to dig a hole with the four Austrian-based artists known as Gelitin. Part of a series organized by Creative Time, the week-long project involved digging a hole in the sand and filling it back in each day. The...