Massif Central's Art Scarves
Brooklyn-based painter Tessa Perutz founded Massif Central—named after the region in south-central France—as a way to merge her artistic pursuits: curatorial work, fashion, artist's editions and functional art objects. By inviting artists to consider...
House of La Cruz
LA-based fine arts photographer and filmmaker Alex La Cruz found the perfect way to sell his mesmerizing, oftentimes eerie, large-format architectural and landscape photographs: On a sharply curated website, among other artists he respects. In founding...
Interview: Ruben Nusz
by Mason Riddle "Severed Hues"—currently on view at Minneappolis' Weinstein Gallery—has prompted a lot of people to reconsider color, abstraction and illusionistic space. To create his modestly scaled paintings, Ruben Nusz brandishes a brush loaded...
"Sunflowers" by Rob and Nick Carter
Inspired and informed by Vincent van Gogh's 1888 "Sunflowers" painting (housed in London's National Gallery), artist duo Rob and Nick Carter's bronze interpretation of the iconic post-impressionist artwork is part of a larger series that looks...
C-Brand: Wired For Games
The Guardian gave readers a chance to hear what is likely a future classic with a Soundcloud preview of the newly released album Wise Up Ghost from Elvis Costello and the Roots. The legendary English singer's croaky voice has been superbly paired with...
Pusha T: Nosetalgia (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
While in London this week, we caught up with NTS radio host and DJ MarshMeLLo, who put us onto the obscure 1982 soul song "Wired For Games" from Detroit group C-Brand. An ideal Thursday groove, the track has all the makings for winding down the work...
Elvis Costello and the Roots: Wise Up Ghost
Published every Sunday, ListenUp takes a deeper look at the music we tweeted about that week. Often we'll include a musician or notable fan's surprising personal interests—#PrivateJam exposes their musical guilty pleasure.
Kwes: 36
Originally catching our eye in '09 when he teamed up with Micachu for an outstanding mixtape (shortly before our video with the experimental artist), young British musician Kwes has been quietly carving out a name for himself with his beautifully soothing...
SBTRKT: IMO The typically reserved musician Aaron Jerome—better known as UK producer SBTRKT—bared a bit of himself this week with the surprise Twitter revealing of "IMO." The unmixed and unmastered song is from new album recordings, and was posted...