Artist collaborations

Domino Set + David Shrigley
Australian knickknack shop Third Drawer Down is always full of weird and wonderful treasures—like DIY bubble gum kits—and their newest offering is a domino set donning doodles by Scottish illustrator (and regular TDD collaborator) David Shrigley...
The Thing The Book: A Monument to the Book as Object
Writers aren't the only ones who turn to paper pages as a creative canvas—George Maciunas' Fluxus Editions, Tom Phillip's Humument's "A Humument," and Tauba Auerbach's "RGB Colorspace Atlas" are all examples of artists who have explored the infinite...
We Are FriendsWithYou Book
Founded back in 2002 by Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, contemporary art collective FriendsWithYou (FWY) has been delighting fans across the globe with their colorful and otherworldly creations ever since. From large-scale interactive installations...
Michael Leon + Arkitip Vexhall Series
by Eva Glettner Both an artist and an art director, Michael Leon never strays far from the tenacity and enthusiasm he picked up as a skateboarder in the late '80s. He blends a DIY attitude with finely honed skills perfectly, and the results are...
Interview: Aaron De La Cruz
by Eva Glettner Prolific artist Aaron De La Cruz was initially inspired to paint because he idolized his older brother. His now-signature style—which bounces from design, graffiti to illustration—is highly stylized and technical, blending influences...
Interview: Michelle Dunn Marsh of Minor Matters
Evolving technologies have required the publishing industry to become a business of creative thinking. So, in her new publishing venture called Minor Matters, Michelle Dunn Marsh takes a page from Kickstarter and curates a series of book selections...
Plumb Goods Notebooks
Just about every bookstore has that one display of notebooks up by the register; filled with the same, cookie-cutter selection of bound paper. The journals aren't so much dated as they are uninspiring. Thus, we're happy to have come across Plumb...
Blast Skates Illustrated Boards
A little while ago London-based illustrator Matthew Bromley put his freelance illustration career on hold in favor of a nine-to-five design job. This regular salary has meant Bromley could fund his very own skate label, Blast Skates. This week, the...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 22
John Baldessari, the prolific visual artist and living legend hailing from southern California, has left nary a medium untouched—painting, photography, printmaking, video, sculpture, installation and more—in his quest to find beauty, drama and art...