Artificial Intelligence

Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The World's Best Logo While there are many brands whose logos are burned into our minds—for better or worse—none of them were easy to create: "crafting such a deceptively simple symbol is a massive undertaking, so it's no surprise that the...
Symposium Stockholm 2016: Eugenia Kuyda
When Eugenia Kuyda’s best friend Roman passed away last year, it was the first time the CEO of Luka lost someone so close—and she was unaccustomed to experiencing such grief. Luka, which Kuyda founded, is an artificial intelligence company that...
Anki Drive
Video games, by nature, have always existed in the virtual world. While no less real or engaging to players, gaming has largely been contained to screens—at least until now. Anki Drive fuses robotics, artificial intelligence and video game styling...
Anki Drive Starter Kit
Anki Drive takes slot car racing to an entirely new level—and it's certainly not a kids-only toy. Using iPhones as controllers, kids and adults alike can race their friends, or better yet, their artificial intelligence-enabled opponents, who totally...
Tempo Smart Calendar
From the programming minds that brought us Siri, Tempo is a calendar for iOS aiming to bring artificial intelligence to your daily routine. Tempo AI, a spin-off of non-profit research institute SRI International, is a small company led by CEO Raj...
Nanobot Music
Professor Vijay Kumar from GRASP, the robotics laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania, just wrapped up a fantastic TED Talk on his robotics work. Using custom-built quad rotor nano-copters, Kumar's team demonstrated the agility, versatility...