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"Pop-Up Op-Art: Vasarely" by Philippe UG
Victor Vasarely is widely recognized as the grandfather of Op-Art, the short-lived but highly impactful movement that brought optical illusion to the canvas and sculpture. Seemingly contemporary because of its computational element and use of high...
Ann Demeulemeester's Beautiful Fashion Book
The music industry has the White Album. And now fashion has an iconic black book, thanks to a beautiful new volume from Rizzoli chronicling the visual history of Ann Demeulemeester's contributions to the world of fashion. The Flemish designer has...
A History of Toy and Novelty Cameras
With a tiny computer equipped with a more than capable camera in our pocket, it's difficult to consider a time when such image-capturing devices were a luxury—one generally uninvolved with daily life at that. In fact it wasn't until the 1960s, when...
Erwin Olaf: Volume II
Netherlands-born photographer Erwin Olaf is internationally famed for his mysterious and moody imagery—from hyper-posed, traditionally inspired portraits and still lifes to the seemingly creepy and voyeuristic. His photos create a strong sense of...
The Thing The Book: A Monument to the Book as Object
Writers aren't the only ones who turn to paper pages as a creative canvas—George Maciunas' Fluxus Editions, Tom Phillip's Humument's "A Humument," and Tauba Auerbach's "RGB Colorspace Atlas" are all examples of artists who have explored the infinite...
The Deitch Projects: Live the Art
In 2010, when the enigmatic curator Jeffrey Deitch closed his SoHo gallery, the Deitch Projects, to become the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA, he left a vacuum in New York’s own contemporary art community. Once the unofficial clubhouse...
Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013
A few years after Brian Rose's fascinating photo book "Time and Space on the Lower East Side" (which explored the LES over two very different time periods) comes the photographer's new tome "Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013." Back...
Tattoo Color-In Postcards
Hardworking artist Ollie Munden (aka Megamunden) follows up his wildly successful and fun Tattoo Coloring Book with a set of color-in postcards, so now those who enjoy embellishing Munden's creations can share their efforts with friends (along with...
Paradigm Vol. 1—Genesis
People, places, dreams, nations, pieces of art—each and every thing has a beginning. This genesis is exactly what the creative team behind Paradigm Magazine has focused on for their first book, "Paradigm Vol. 1—Genesis." With the help of nearly 60...
Interview: Joseph Ari Aloi aka JK5
by Hugh Hart Joseph Ari Aloi graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1994 armed with dozens of sketchbooks, self-described ADD, a set of tattoo implements and a headful of eye-popping mythologies inspired variously by Star Wars, Sanskrit...
A Record of Time: A Journal of Wanderlust
by Kohl Crecelius It wasn’t long after SoCal-based artist, designer, and craftsman Sean Woolsey (already a CH favorite) came across a quote by American author John Green, that he and his wife bought a 1987 VW Westfalia van and took off on a road...
Fideli Sundqvist: I Love Paper
In the summer of 2011, Fideli Sundqvist presented her graduation project at Stockholm's Konstfack University. In the midst of the overblown gaudy work from the art departments, the conceptual design pieces and rivers of clichéd scratchy pencil illustrations...
Illustration Next
Though the internet has had a major impact on pop art—and art in general—a resurgence in illustration has been building over the past few years. For her new book called "Illustration Next," veteran illustrator Ana Benaroya has compiled the works...
"Ten Years of Monster Children"
Getting to 10 years in the print game is no small feat these days. With the internet taking over the bulk of our content consumption, there's something to be said for those still taking it to the printers. Founded in Sydney, Australia, the now-global...
New York Art Book Fair 2013
This year the New York Art Book Fair sprawled into the courtyard and filled the three floors of MOMA's PS1 building in Long Island City. The fair, which is one of the largest art book fairs in the world, welcomes a wide array of publications—from artists...
Adam Silverman Ceramics
Adam Silverman’s affinity for texture translates to his self-titled book about ceramic art. It's a book that achieves its goal of being an object rather than a merely a catalogue of work. Many of the glossy pages showcase single ceramic pieces dramatically...
Open Book: Christian Patterson + Paul Schiek
In our third and final installment of interviews surrounding art book publishing, which leads into the New York Art Book Fair this weekend, we talked to Christian Patterson—the artist behind one of the most successful photographic books in years...
Open Book: John Jenkins of DECODE
In the second installment of our series of interviews with small art book publishers leading up to the New York Art Book Fair running from 20-22 September, CH chatted with John Jenkins of Seattle-based DECODE. Jenkins weighs in on the ability of...
Open Book: Taj Forer of Daylight Books
Like so many businesses today, the publishing industry is facing new challenges due to rapidly changing technologies. With the New York Art Book Fair taking place on 20-22 September, we chatted with three art book publishers about how they do what...
"Sleep" by Ted Spagna
Teacher, filmmaker and photographer Ted Spagna was as engrossed in the sciences of sleep and technology as he was in creating art. His sleep project depicts a shift from the conceptual side of science to a more human one; exploring the intimacy...
Dan Flavin: The Complete Lights
Presenting all of his light installations together for the first time, this is the only volume to document artist Dan Flavin's entire career. This remarkable and exhaustively researched book features a complete catalogue of over 750 of Dan Flavin's...
A Map Of The World
This compelling collection shows how cartography has evolved with contemporary maps through a new generation of original and sought-after designers, illustrators and artists who have a passion for map making.
"Market Hotel" by Adam Krause
Photographer Adam Krause has lived in Brooklyn since 2007 and is well-versed in the young artist lifestyle that the borough so often invites. Growing up in the punk rock scene himself, his new series on Bushwick's Market Hotel is the perfect addition...
Touching Strangers: Photographs by Richard Renaldi
Photographer Richard Renaldi has been working on his latest project since 2007. In creating the "Touching Strangers" series, Renaldi invites total strangers on the street to pose together—touching—and captures a fleeting moment of intimacy, turning...
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