Art History

Photography Visionaries
There's no shortage of beautiful, high-quality photography books on offer, but it's always a pleasure to leaf through a tome and be transported to the time and place each photo represents. It's rare for a photography book to consider the larger place...
Sculpture Blanket
LA-based art brand BFGF has fun with their not-so-typical blankets inspired by "transcendent experiences, the internet, snacks, and both tropical and desert landscapes." The digitally woven blankets depict scenes like "a babe transcending time and...
This Is...
The new series "This Is..." from Laurence King delves into the lives of artists through text, photographs and illustrations. The project is the brainchild of Scottish art historian Catherine Ingram (who holds a PhD from Trinity College, Oxford and...
100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age
A provocative look inside the last two decades of the most significant works of art from our time, with compelling snapshots of the artists behind them from art critic and historian Kelly Grovier. The collection of 100 works best capture the spirit...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. A Too-Soon Farewell to 5Pointz Long Island City's 5Pointz—the factory building whose walls became a museum and mecca for graffiti artists from all over the world for the past decade—was painted white overnight this past week. Jerry Wolkoff, who...
Vitamin D2
Covered in henna-colored scribbles, Vitamin D2 is the unassuming sequel to Phaidon's extensive 2005 tome Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing. Like its predecessor, Vitamin D2 explores the contemporary world of art's most fundamental, but sometimes...
Studio Visit: Tomokazu Matsuyama
Anyone concerned that our increasingly integrated, global world will lead to a homogenized population or uniform culture need to look no further than the artwork of Tomokazu Matsuyama to see how uniquely varied it can be. The Japanese pro snowboarder...
Photography: The Whole Story
Since its genesis in 1839, photography itself has evolved tremendously as a medium, with the very essence of its output forging culturally significant technological, social and artistic movements. In Prestel's new visually compelling tome, "Photography...
Modern in the Past Tense
When the traveling exhibition "Design 1935-1965: What Modern Was" opened in 1991, the accompanying 424-page catalog startled the industry with its declaration that the Modern period was over, and should, from that point, be spoken about in the past...
Peter Doig
Best known for melancholy and dreamlike renditions of bucolic landscapes, Scottish artist Peter Doig has become one of the most internationally-celebrated painters of his generation. The distinction is all the more striking for a modern artist given...
Patterns That Connect: Social Symbolism in Ancient & Tribal Art
American art historian Carl Schuster spent more than three decades traveling the world exploring tribal customs and patterns, gathering ancient tribal art and artifacts along the way. Though his goal was to illustrate the intrinsic human connection...