Lomography x Nixon: Analog Russia
In the northeast corner of Russia lies the Kamchatka Peninsula. As beautiful as it is barren, the remote and harsh landscape is sparsely populated and surely an acquired taste for the small but steady number of adventure-seekers that visit year-round...
Colour O'Clock
There's something soothing about the idea of telling time by color, which is the stress-relieving promise Colour O'Clock makes. As the seconds, minutes and hours tick by, the minimalist white clock cycles through the color spectrum with an ever-changing...
Moog Music Factory Tour
In the hubbub between panels showcasing the future of music composition and performance (like autonomous robots in operas) and outdoor shows by the likes of Giorgio Moroder, we took a breather during Moogfest (the recently revived five-day showcase...
Photo Film Screenprint Series
These days, shooting film photography is about much more than just taking an analog approach to the activity of capturing images. Every aspect can be savored—from the smell of fresh film to the acute understanding that each frame is precious. And...
Charged: Shindo Laboratory
The 2011 documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" at first appears to be a film about an 85-year-old sushi chef and his world-famous dishes, though it's really about a man's lifelong quest to continually make better sushi—to continually strive to master...
Meridian Explorer
When it comes to process, few audio companies can match Meridian's attention to detail and craftsmanship. Their latest release is Explorer, a DAC (Digital to Audio Converter) that refigures your digital audio files and outputs them as analog sound...
Interview: Laura Austin
by Vivianne Lapointe Photographer Laura Austin has many tricks up her sleeve. Based in San Clemente, California, she got her start as the online editor for Snowboarder Magazine, a gig that gave her the chance to travel and refine her craft in some...
Walking into the gallery space, the whirr of two continuous projectors greets guests alongside indistinct color images that shower the room from a twirling projector. Every few seconds, four snaps are heard corresponding with sequential flashes...
Punch the Camera
After debuting an experimental one-off issue in 2009, founder Justin Parkhurst has resurrected his publication, "Punch The Camera," as a bi-annual photography zine. Expanding on the themes of travel and expedition that inspired the original, the...
Braun Digital vs. Braun Analog
This past year saw the relaunch of a slew of throw-back designs to the so-called golden age of Braun. Joining the analog clocks and minimal wristwatches is a line of digital clocks inspired by the clean look favored by designers Dietrich Lubs and...
Taking the next great leap in their photographic evolution, Lomography has launched their first-ever movie camera. The LomoKino, which dropped today, is a compact, crank-powered movie-making machine that maintains the aesthetic and quality expected...
Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera
A precursor to today's digital era, Polaroid's iconic 1972 SX-70 Land Camera is notable not only for its achievements as the first folding and first SLR instant camera but also for its perfection in form, function, and beauty. The revolutionary...
Lomography Spinner 360°
The latest addition to Lomography's fleet of non-digital cameras, the Spinner 360° promises dizzying panoramas with the pull of a cord. Thanks to the unconventional (and often unpredictable) results produced by the camera's simple mechanics...
1-Bit Symphony
Creating music with an electrical engineer's perspective, Tristan Perich's "1-Bit Symphony" utilizes one microchip on an electronic circuit to perform a five-movement composition. The simplified follow-up to the NYC-based musician and visual artist...
USB Cassete Archiver
Whether it's old mix tapes made by exes or an obscure Kid Dynamo album bought before everything went digital, us nostalgic types all have a shoe box or two full of old analog cassette tapes. Every now and again I get the urge to dig back into...
Lovely Address File
As the modern world speeds toward complete digital integration, we're silently mourning the fact that some of life's simplest pleasures are thrown out the window in the name of progress. Just last week, our copy of The Sunday Times was pointed...
Analog Executive Dashboard
Ambient Devices, makers of that great glowing orb thing, have a new device on the market. The Executive Dashboard has swappable analog displays for monitoring everything from the stock market, to the volume of email in your inbox. Other modules...
Digisette DUO eCassette is an elegant solution to a diminishing problem. For those who still keep a second residence in the analog world, this digital storage device plays when you insert it in any cassette deck. You can use flash memory cards to...
Analog Advertising Will Never Die
So long as there are bugs and viruses, digital advertising will never totally replace analog. These lovely Clear Channel boards that are popping up all over NYC are obviously susceptible to mishap. I think they look better like this, anyway...