Star-Spangled Apparel
The Fourth of July festivities oftentimes involve celebratory outfits of red, white and blue. There's more to Americana than that, however—and clearly more to the nation's flag. Both striped and star-spangled items denote participation. And this year...
America's Vanishing Rest Stops
The rest stop is a man-made oasis. Some are fancier—WiFi is now offered at many, along with various fast food and gas options—but the primitive set-up of a bench and shade (and sometimes a random barbecue pit) can bring tears to the eyes after a hundred...
Levi's Celebrates the 501's Birthday With a Documentary
To celebrate the 501's birthday, Levi's has created a documentary—released in several parts—about the iconic jeans. The fourth episode highlights the 501's immense influence in Japan. Narrated by Craig Stecyk (aka C.R. Stecyk III, a surf and skate...
Will Leather Goods' Detroit Retail Concept Store
Long before he founded Will Leather Goods in his residence in Eugene, Oregon, Will Adler called Detroit his home. There, his family had been retailers for over 100 years—his father was a buyer for Detroit's Hughes & Hatcher clothing store and his mother...
London's Burgershack
Since meeting London-based Burgerac several years ago, CH has kept a close eye on this burger fanatic's creative interests. From reviewing almost every hamburger he came across and putting it online and in an app, to creating his own Burgermat Show...
Upon entering BDDW (just a block from Broadway and steps from Saturdays Surf NYC) it's easy to confuse this handmade furniture emporium with a museum. Vaulted ceilings and antiquated stonework—all painted a stark white—serve to enhance the focus on...
Star Spangled Spatula
Flip burgers in patriotic style with this heavy-duty grill accoutrement. Designed by RISD graduate Jacob Riley-Wasserman, the Star Spangled Spatula is manufactured by the oldest American cutlery company, Lamson & Goodnow.
Garry Winogrand at SFMOMA
Garry Winogrand's first retrospective in 25 years at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is also the first exhibition to examine the renowned photographer's unfinished work. Dying suddenly at the age of 56, he left behind some 250,000 undeveloped...
Interview: Chris Brown of Refueled Magazine
by Madison Kahn Born and raised in Texas, Chris Brown cultivated his penchant for the publishing world at an early age. At a meager eight-years-old, Brown created an illustrated zine about his neighborhood, and has been working hard ever since to...
Camoweave Forester
New from Eddie Bauer's Fall line of heritage garments is the Camoweave Forester. The handsome coat pays tribute to its hunting-inspired predecessor first introduced by Eddie Bauer in 1965, using the same superior construction techniques and materials...
ByKenyan's Kenyan Lewis has more than an exceptional eye for antiques. Together with his partner Grace Kelsey, the two live and breathe the Americana lifestyle—from their beautifully rustic home and interior design projects to prop styling...
Tanner Goods
Hailing from the heart of the Great Northwest, Portland, OR's Tanner Goods is perfectly positioned to produce accessories rugged enough for a true outdoorsman but with looks good enough for city streets. To best showcase their expanding line of handmade...
Who is Bozo Texino?
One man's sixteen-year quest to track down the elusive artists of a moniker that's been appearing in railyards across America for 80-odd years is beautifully captured in the 56-minute documentary Who is Bozo Texino? The film debuted in 2005 and since...
From Here To There: Alec Soth's America
Likening his process to "web surfing in the real world," photographer Alec Soth spent the past 15 years traversing the U.S. with an 8x10 field camera, quietly composing narratives of subjects he finds on his travels. While projects have taken the...
Hurry Up and Wait
In summer 2008, at the height of the U.S. financial crisis, husband-and-wife photographers James Tribble and Tracey Mancenido packed up their NYC apartment and hit the road to document one of the more obscure necessities of American consumerism...
Levi's Workwear x Billy Reid
For both the neo-Americana-obsessed and denim-heads alike, menswear designer Billy Reid's collaboration with Levi's is a holy brand pairing, marrying Levi's workwear roots with Reid's modern cuts, fabric choices, and finishes. This behind-the-scenes...
American Ruins
While photographer Arthur Drooker's ruins aren't the castles and shrines that usually come to mind, his infrared images of prisons, mansions and other sites of U.S. decay evoke all the moody history and past lives of their tourist site counterparts...
Gap x 10 Corso Como
Pairing its classic American style with a niche Milanese retailer, Gap is set to launch a European expansion with a shop-in-shop collection at 10 Corso Como this fall. The capsule collection is the work of Gap and American artist Kris Ruhs, who...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Brimfield Dealers
This video checks in with the sellers who come to the Brimfield Antique Show, which three times a year inflates the population of Brimfield, Massachusetts from 3,000 to a quarter million. From a dealer who specializes in Masonic ephemera to a sculptor...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Brimfield Collectors
Taking a look at the thrice-annual phenomenon of the Brimfield Antique Show in Western Massachusetts, this video focuses on the people who travel there from all over the world to collect everything from milk bottle caps to taxidermy peacocks...
Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry
A riveting full-length documentary, Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry tells the story of the iconic American tattoo artist and the effect he had on the industry. With the same wide scope as "Dogtown and Z-Boys," the biopic looks at the rebellious life the...
The Builder and New Jerusalem
An emerging filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia, Rick Alverson's slowburning film style feeds off lingering frames, pregnant pauses and subtle interactions between its characters. His debut feature "The Builder" (due for release by indie label Jagjaguwar...
The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl
Seizing on the vinyl record as emblematic of music's evolution in the 20th century, the forthcoming exhibition "The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl" at the Nasher Museum of Art explores the relationship of sound, artistry and vinyl through the...
Detroit Experiences
Almost a decade after emigrating to the United States in the '40s, Swiss photographer Robert Frank decided to document the reality of his adopted country's then-current condition—a nation as he saw it obsessed with money and struggling with...
The Pop-Up Flea 2009
photos by James Ryang Our weekend activities included a stop by the second annual Pop-Up Flea where we found a trove of Americana-inspired clothing and accessories (read: lots of plaid). UrbanDaddy's Randy Goldberg and Michael Williams (of A Continuous...
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